A New Standard for NOVAGOLD


For their eighth consecutive annual report collaboration this year, helveticka and NOVAGOLD did things a little differently: combined the Vancouver, BC-based precious metals company’s financial and sustainability summaries into a single, 52-page integrated report. Featuring board chairman Dr. Thomas Kaplan’s musings on cryptocurrencies and a nascent “paradigm shift in gold” (and a one-on-one interview in which he answers 20 questions related to the company and its flagship asset), the report sets a new standard in the increase of transparency and accountability related to environmental, social, and governance performance. Though it was printed and distributed as a complete book, both the financial and sustainability portions were also designed as standalone PDFs, downloadable on NOVAGOLD’s website per the company’s commitment to “providing stage-appropriate and relevant information to all stakeholders” – whether investors, Native corporations, or residents of the communities affected by the project. helveticka worked with NOVAGOLD’s investor relations team in the design, writing, and production of the report.