A Silver Opportunity

Hecla Mining Company

Hecla Mining Company, the largest primary silver producer in the U.S., has long seen its annual report as more than just a chance to spout facts and figures. It’s a crucial opportunity to tell the company’s story, share strategic vision, and – ultimately – build trust with stakeholders. That’s why, each year for 35 consecutive years, Hecla has partnered with helveticka to produce a report that’s clear, compelling, and visually engaging. Our team contributes creative direction, design, writing, and production services.

This report focuses on an unprecedented opportunity for the mining company – burgeoning demand driven by clean energy technologies that require silver. “It’s an exciting time to be a silver miner,” Hecla CEO Phil Baker writes to shareholders. “There’s no question that the world is shifting to a green economy, and the need for silver and other essential metals is growing substantially.” We’re confident that the 133-year-old company will be here to provide the metals the world needs for a clean energy future.