The Streak Continues


One of helveticka’s first projects was the 1988 annual report for Hecla Mining Company. And we haven’t looked back: just a couple of months ago, we wrapped up our 27th consecutive AR for Hecla. Themed “Stronger than Ever,” the report addresses the downturn in the precious metals market in 2014 and, in light of that downturn, contrasts industry peers’ performance metrics with those of Hecla. It’s an approach that not only underscores the nearly 125-year-old company’s strength through characteristics like flexibility, diversification, and production, but also reveals a glimpse into Hecla’s determination in the face of market adversity. The result is a book that leaves readers very little doubt as to how Hecla Mining Company has become the largest silver producer in the United States. helveticka provided strategic direction, design, copywriting, and production services for the annual report; Van Gundy Photography provided images.

photo: J. Craig Sweat Photography