Another Win for Greeley

City of Greeley

Following on the success of Greeley Unexpected, an ongoing multi-year image campaign designed to dispel some common misperceptions about the Colorado city, Greeley’s water and sewer department reached out to helveticka for help. The challenge? Develop a strategy to communicate a major shift in the way the department bills for its services – and provide creative solutions to ensure success. In this semi-arid region of Colorado, water, and the cost of delivering it, can be a contentious topic of conversation. But the city had done its homework, and created an innovative approach that rewards efficient usage: personal water budgets based on need. Instead of a flat rate for all usage, customers who stay within their budgets pay the lowest amount – while inefficient usage results in higher rates. helveticka worked with Greeley’s team to develop materials that not only garnered buy-in from customers and media, but also ensured a smooth transition from the old system to the new: print ads, bill stuffers, website copy, social media posts, editorial copy, radio spots, and customer letters. The campaign was made even more memorable with illustrations that brought an element of humor to the discussion, helping present the city as a partner in conservation.