Logo Virtuosos

When it comes to logos, writes Alina Wheeler in Designing Brand Identity, designers should first “examine a range of solutions based on both aspirational and functional criteria,” then “determine a design approach that best serves the needs of the client and create a rationale for each distinct approach.” In other words, a logo is a whole lot more than just a pretty picture. It’s one of the most important visual elements of a company’s brand. We got to thinking about that as we looked back on more than 30 years of helveticka-designed logos – literally hundreds of ’em, and in all manner of industries. There’s no way to show every one, but, with the help of regular collaborator Mike Bold of Digital Itch, we managed to capture some of our favorites in a short video animation. Aspirational and functional, distinct and appropriate; each was created to express the unique personality characteristics of the company for whom it was created. And each is a little piece of our history.