A Game Changer


ONE SPOKANE STADIUM, the new 5,000-seat outdoor facility in downtown Spokane, is one facility with many purposes. It serves as home to multiple high school sports teams, it hosts three United Soccer League teams, and it provides a venue for entertainment events. So, when Spokane Public Schools and the Spokane Public Facilities District partnered to build and operate the stadium, they chose a name that reflects unity – both among the facility’s different stakeholders and among student-athletes from the five Spokane high schools that will compete there.

helveticka was tasked with designing the stadium’s logo system with maximum flexibility for use in a variety of applications. A bold, all caps, italic font was selected to reflect the facility's focus on athletic competition. The typography was arranged to emphasize the importance of the word “one” – either by size, color, or both. And, for promotional purposes, three accent colors were utilized to signify the stadium’s three main uses: high school sports, professional soccer, and entertainment events.

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