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Behind the Exhibit

A look back at SPOMa: Spokane Modern Architecture, 1948–73 + more

Architecture to Go

Integrus launches its dedicated mobile website. + more

A Simple Display Honors a Profound Impact

Holy Family Hospital’s Dominican Heritage Wall traces the Sisters’ history in Spokane. + more

Greeley Continues to Shine

An award-winning campaign reveals what locals have always known. + more

Coeur Communicates a Vision of Sustainability

It turns out there’s a lot more to mining than digging holes in the ground. + more

Avista Produces Series of Informative Animation Shorts

Viewers get a unique insight into the complexities behind a modern utility. + more

A New Logo and a New Brochure for a New Client

D&S Electrical partners with helveticka to help expand its reach. + more

Avista Gets a Birthday Makeover

The energy generation and distribution company is looking good at 125. + more

Another AR for a Longstanding Client

For our 26th consecutive annual report for Hecla Mining Company, we changed things up a bit. + more

Happy Birthday, Integrus

When one of the region’s premier architecture firms turned 60, they asked helveticka to help them celebrate. + more

A Nearly 100-Page Website for a Nearly 100-Year-Old Company

A big project. An established company. A trusted brand. And did we mention government oversight? + more

A Golden Opportunity

More than just a legal obligation, NOVAGOLD’s 2013 annual report is a branded marketing tool. + more

Happy Birthday, Avista

A short film written, directed, and produced by helveticka is helping Avista celebrate its 125th anniversary. + more

It’s Been a Long Time Coming

A lifetime of achievement? Turns out there’s an award for that. And, as luck would have it, a person who really, really earned it. + more

We’ve Moved!

Last year we gave ourselves a new name. This year? A new location – a space designed from the ground up to better reflect the attitude and creative culture of helveticka. + more
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