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Mr. AZ / 5 of 5

Today, helveticka co-founder and part-time contributor John Richard Mraz turns 70! In celebration of this special occasion, we’ve been paying + more

Mr. AZ / 4 of 5

Keeping with this week’s theme about John Richard Mraz (who celebrates his seventieth birthday tomorrow), I would be remiss if + more

Mr. AZ / 3 of 5

We first met at Spokane Falls Community College when John Richard Mraz was a part-time faculty member in the design + more

Mr. AZ / 2 of 5

Upon receiving valedictorian honors from Colton High, John Richard Mraz—the second oldest of Norm and Virginia’s five children—enrolled in Washington + more

Mr. AZ / 1 of 5

This week on the blog, we’re paying tribute to helveticka co-founder John Richard Mraz, who celebrates a special birthday this Friday. + more

“Hello darkness, my old friend…”

“The sounds of the office are essentially sounds of paper and machines. Here are some of them, in a rough + more

Fake News

Pretty much everything about this article, written two years ago and shared over a hundred thousand times since, is wrong. “While + more

Word of the Day

tartle (verb; Scottish) To hesitate in recognizing a person or thing. “Good morning, Courtney,” said Aaron cheerfully as he arrived + more

The Whole World’s Gone Nuts

The truly jaw-dropping line in this story about pet plastic surgery isn’t the one about botox for Dobermans’ ears. Nor + more

It’s the End of the World as We Know It

“Just as much as synthesizers, hairspray and record sleeves in the Russian abstract style,” writes Paul Genders at TLS Online, + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

Which pronoun is best when referring to a person: who or that? For a long time, I’ve labored under that + more

Quote of the Day

“No one ever taught me how to write, and I’ve never made a study of writing techniques. So how did + more


“Billy Joel, bald and glistening, looks like a big, smooth stone, as if the years and the sorrows, like so + more

Music for All Time

I vividly recall the thrill of discovering Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony—with Toscanini conducting the NBC orchestra and the Robert Shaw Chorale—as an eight-year-old + more

Assume Nothing

I’m really, really sorry to bring politics up. But this is pretty dang interesting. Someone restaged the 2016 Trump-Clinton debates with + more

Sign of the Times

Wandering the aisles of Target over the weekend, I came across this curiosity: a section of products developed for the + more

Proof of Purchase

Last weekend I ran across a receipt that tells a bit of a story from my days as a design student + more

Going Swimming? Urine for a Surprise

How much pee is in our swimming pools? Up to 75 liters, it turns out. Which seems like a lot—until + more

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