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Holiday Miscellany

Since we’ll be taking a couple of weeks off from posting, here are some links to keep you occupied: “[E]very + more

Murdering the Language

There’s an interesting feature on Tom Voigt, founder and publisher of, in the December issue of Portland Monthly. As + more

Today in History

From the journal of James Boswell, December 15, 1762: The enemies of the people of England who would have them + more

500 Tons of TNT in Glorious 4K

“The faces of observers and SES staff members reflected relief and delight as the fireball and subsequent smoke cloud developed.” + more

A Prophet Speaks

Ken Layne is a weird dude. And I say this as a guy who subscribes to Layne’s delightful periodical and + more

Enough Already!

In “The Man Who Found Forrest Fenn’s Treasure,” Daniel Barbarisi uses the word solve five times. And in four of + more

Mistakes Were Made

“People who have not published books are often appalled at typos,” writes Alan Jacobs, “because they think their presence means + more

Christmas Came Early This Year

Ever wanted to brush up on your Hittite? Listen to someone recite Beowulf in the original Old English? Get knee-deep + more


“Everything they said to each other, how they interacted, was nothing but a dance. It was hilarious to watch two + more

“Baffling in Its Ineptitude”

If you experience fits of schadenfreude whenever pretentious artsy-fartsy types get their comeuppance—and who doesn’t, really?—you’re gonna love this account of + more


Thanks to a little help from the latest book by Rich Landers, the missus and I spent a good chunk + more

Design to the Rescue (Again)

I get why New York City recently boarded up its storefronts. It’s a sad state of affairs. But I wholeheartedly + more

“An Overdue Tribute”

Unless you live in—or were planning to visit—the UK, you probably won’t have an opportunity to catch Margaret Calvert: Woman + more

It’s Not My Fault!

One of the few Gen-X characteristic that actually applies to me is slacker.* I’m about as lazy and unambitious as + more

The Magical, Mystical Camelopardalis

“The world is a wild and unlikely place,” writes Katherine Rundell in a short but delightful essay in the latest + more

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