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Science nerds, rejoice! River Runner enables you to “drop a raindrop anywhere in the contiguous United States and watch where + more

Deep Thoughts

In his diary entry for October 8, 1995, Brian Eno may have hit on something truly profound: “Starting to think + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

I’ve been trying—no, really, I have!—to be less judgmental about typos in print. But inevitably I’ll come across something like + more

Hello? Anyone There?

Yeah, yeah—I know. It’s been a while since we posted anything here. Four weeks, by my reckoning. So what have + more

Public Service Announcement

Bidding on a first-edition copy of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations commences in five days. Fewer than a thousand + more


Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook’s The Rest Is History, a twice-weekly podcast, is just the sort of thing we need + more

Yay! More Grammar!

Following up on Tuesday’s post, I think a lot of people reflexively use if instead of whether because the latter + more

Some Good News for a Change

Maybe it’s my age, but it seems increasingly difficult to be sanguine about, well…pretty much anything, really. Even my wife, + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

For nearly all of my professional writing life, part of my job has included editing others’ work. During that time + more

Requiescite in pace, Mr. Watts

Speaking of Charlie Watts (you didn’t think I’d let his death pass without saying something, did you?), I think Jack + more

Butt Fluff Was Robbed!

With all the terrible stuff in the news of late—Afghanistan, COVID, the death of Charlie Watts—it’s worth remembering the words + more

Survey Says…

Want to measure your “verbal creativity”? Got four minutes? You’re in luck. The Divergent Association Task is a quick measure + more

Louder = Better

“My chief complaint against some practitioners of heavy metal guitar from the early 70s through the early 80s,” writes guitarist + more

You’ll Be Reading These until the Cows Come Home to Roost

A malaphor, according to Wiktionary, is a blend of malapropism and metaphor; “an error in which two similar figures of speech + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

This is your daily reminder that premises, when referring to a tract of land together with its buildings, is already + more

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