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Miscellany: Architecture & Music Edition

Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House: “a magnificent catastrophe.” Thelonious Monk’s 25 Tips for Musicians: “You’ve got to dig it + more

The Simple Life

Wilf Davies has lived in Wales’ Teifi valley for all of his 72 years. He’s never been married (“it’s not + more

The Creative Process

In this delightful segment from a 1970 interview with the ever-charming Dick Cavett, Paul Simon reveals how he came to + more


Andrew Blum on fusion: “On the evening of March 18, 1987…three thousand [physicists] crammed into the Hilton ballroom for the + more

Don’t Relax Just Yet

Now that there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel—the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker actually brings + more

Our Ever-Evolving Language

I learned a new word today. (Don’t get excited—I’m usually the last one to learn anything, so y’all are probably + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

It brings me no pleasure to point out others’ failings. Really, it doesn’t. (Well…maybe a little.) Either there’s someone named + more

When Did I Become My Grandfather?

I’m not the kind of person who stresses out about his age. Not much I can do about it, I + more

Wonders Never Cease

Yesterday I saw a dude riding a skateboard—downhill, mind you—while playing a banjo and smoking a cigarette. And he wasn’t + more

Monday Ramblings

“The first note known to have sounded on earth,” writes Mathew Lyons, “was an E natural. It was produced some + more

Miscellany: The Glorious, the Sublime, and the Cool Edition

Il glorioso: Project C-90, the ultimate audiotape guide. Il sublime: Promises, the new album by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, and + more

Quote of the Day

NPR host Scott Simon: I interviewed Elmore [Leonard] at a Tucson book festival in 2010. Just before going onstage we + more

Get to Know Your Punctuation

“The semi-colon is a funny fellow,” writes Tom Hogkinson in his review of Claire Cock-Starkey’s forthcoming Hyphens and Hashtags: The + more

“Now with more MOLECULES!”

This morning on Twitter I saw an ad for Chipotle’s new “hand-crafted quesadilla.” No, I’m not making this up. It’s + more

True Artistry

Journalists call it a lede; normal, less pretentious folk simply call it an opening paragraph. Either way, Caitlin Flanagan is + more

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