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Happy New Year, Everyone

A couple of months ago, I had my first Trinidad Sour at Ruins—hands-down the best place in all of Spokane + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

Great reminder from June Casagrande that your dictionary is good for more than just definitions: Here are just a few of + more

Miscellany—and More Music

Back from an ever-so-brief blogging hiatus, we bring you the latest from helveticka‘s global news bureaus: The true story of Roland + more

It’s Never Easy

No other typeface stirs up such divergent viewpoints as Swiss-born Helvetica. According to Wolfgang Weingart—the father of Swiss Punk typography—it’s “the epitome of + more


So Christmas is next week. T-minus nine days and counting. And even though my shopping is done, I won’t judge + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

This is from David Foster Wallace’s handout on five common usage mistakes, which he gave to students taking his Fall 2002 section of English + more

One More Music Post for 2015

Last week I gave y’all the definitive list of the year’s best music. On that list was The Epic by Kamasi Washington. + more

Poetry Break

FRAMING Jorie Graham Something is left out, something left behind. As, for instance, in this photo of myself at four, + more

90 Percent of the Quilting Jokes on Pinterest Are about Ryan Gosling

Growing up in my mother’s quilt shop taught me a lot of things: color theory, how to determine grain, and what quality craftsmanship + more

Quote of the Day

From James Wood’s How Fiction Works (2008): Nietzsche laments, in Beyond Good and Evil: “What a torment books written in + more

Best Music of 2015

It’s that time of year again. “The silent majesty of a winter’s morn…the clean, cool chill of the holiday air…” and + more

Headline of the Year

Life got you down? Tired of meaningless work, a contemptuous spouse, and resentful kids? No matter how bad you think + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

I heard someone say in a meeting the other day that she needed to “flush out” some creative concepts. Now, the old Aaron + more

Today in History

Raymond Asquith to Lady Diana Cooper, from the Western Front, November 25, 1915: “Out here one’s outlook on life, military + more

Quote/Recipe of the Week

“Gratus animus est una virtus non solum maxima, sed etiam mater virtutum omnium reliquarum.” (Cicero, from Oratio Pro Cnæo Plancio, XXXIII.) My + more

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