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Just Trying to Help…

Over at SlashFilm, Jeremy Mathai spends more than 2,500 words “investigating” the correct order in which to watch all the + more


Nearly twenty-five years since the publication of the final Far Side panel, Gary Larson is back, baby. Well…sort of. The + more

2019 in Review

It’s that wonderful time of year, when, well…pretty much anyone with an opinion is more than willing to tell you + more

[head smack]

WNYC, a public radio station in New York, has cancelled “New Sounds,” a show that’s been running for 37 years. + more


Remember how, way back in July, I told you about the upcoming launch of a WSU-bred apple 22 years in + more

And the decline of Western Civilization continues apace…

Citing “the ignorance and laziness present in modern times,” John Richards, 96, has closed the Apostrophe Protection Society. “Fewer organisations + more


When we started this business nearly 32 years ago, we never would have guessed that today we’d be working on + more

The More You Know

According to the Pacific Northwest Region of the Forest Service (or the person responsible for the agency’s Twitter feed, anyway), + more


John Simon, the critic who served as a model for my own foray into music criticism so many years ago, + more

Neanderthals, Barbarians, and Addicts

“I would love to know who tried it first,” writes Lee Child about opium. “I would love to know who + more

Social Media’s Good for Something. Sometimes.

Learned another word the other day—on Twitter, no less—and it’s glorious: Shambolic. My first thought was that it was a + more

‘Tis the Season (Almost)

Mind if I make a couple of year-end music recommendations? You know, just in case you need to scratch that + more


Next up: T-shirts that say “I spent nearly half a million dollars on an advertising campaign and all I got + more

More Hard-Hitting News from HCKA HQ

Just noticed that the last couple of days are pretty significant, pop culture-wise. Okay, so maybe “significant” is a bit + more

Word of the Day

No matter what else is conspiring against me—stupid deadlines, unrealistic expectations, idiotic drivers on the way to work—I count it + more

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