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Perhaps I Spoke Too Soon…

Last week, I posted my list of music picks for 2013. But then, over the weekend, I bought an early Christmas + more


Apropos of absolutely nothing, my son informs me that there’s a striking resemblance between our erstwhile intern Tony Kuchar… …and German + more

Stephen Fry Fights Back

I’m not a fan of the animated words. Seen enough of that in the past couple of years to last + more

The Year in Music

Like I mentioned last week, this is the time of year when you can’t throw a stick without hitting a + more

Alvin Eisenman, RIP

This brief remembrance of Alvin Eisenman, who started America’s first university graphic design department at Yale in 1951, is worth a read—particularly + more

Daily Diversion

Two of my favorite things—jazz and album cover art—come together in episode 9 of A Noise from the Deep, the Greenleaf + more

Hey, baby. What’s your type?

I’ve taken several versions of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment over the years, and have always come up with the same + more

Quote of the Day

“There is no technology, no time-saving device that can alter the rhythms of creative labor. When the worth of labor + more

Wisdom from an Unlikely Place

Perhaps the headline is a little unfair. But, generally speaking, “smart celebrity” is an oxymoron on the order of “Microsoft + more

Did You Miss Us?

Not sure what to make of this: In the two weeks (!) since since our last blog post, there’s been + more

Word of the Day

sciolist (noun) One whose knowledge or learning is superficial; a pretender to scholarship. “It’s clear from the narrative portion of + more

The History of the English Language in Ten Minutes From The Open University comes this creative, funny, and—strangely enough—quite informative look at the development of our language over + more

Spokane Scene no. 10

The best part of Spokane’s annual Fall Folk Festival are the impromptu jam sessions that spring up anywhere there’s room + more


Because I was a dork long before it was cool, acute schadenfreude is really the only possible response to a story like this. + more

Hanford Ghosts

Apart from a few streets and sidewalks, the concrete and stucco shell of Hanford High School is all that remains + more

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