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When the Boss Brings Treats

We’re always grateful when CK returns from a trip bearing gifts. This time, however, some of us might be feeling + more

Getting to Know Your Helveticka Team

Sure, we could be like everyone else and talk about our education and credentials, and how we collaborate with our + more

Word of the Day

hipster  (noun)  a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream. + more

Skooch’s Movie Pick of the Week

Just like in Seinfeld, I’m going to provide you with a movie pick of the week ­– but with a + more

A Nice Walk in the Woods

“It’s a nice walk in the woods” he said, “no problem for beginners.” And so we set off. 5 Girl + more

What’s New?

I am! I began working here about six weeks ago now and I have a confession to make: I drive a + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

I think this image is a much better way to describe the importance of commas. (artist unknown.) (from What + more

25 Years and Counting

In the fall of 1988, we designed our very first annual report for Avista. It was noteworthy for at least + more

Mark your calendar, you don’t want to miss this…

helveticka will be hosting an open house on Friday, June 27. An official invitation will be arriving soon. Over a + more

Strike a pose

Well another week has come and gone for me at helveticka. This  week was even more busy than the last. + more

Brian Eno & Creepy Crawlies

Well I am wrapping up my third week at the helveticka offices. And I must say this internship has been + more

“Hey, who’s that new guy?”

Hello interweb, I am Tony Kuchar, Helveticka’s new intern. Today wraps up my first week on the job, and so + more

NYC, Part 5: I ♥ NY

All week long I’ve been sharing some highlights from my recent trip to New York City. It turns out that + more

NYC, Part 4: Helvetica—without the “k”

No other city in America can take credit for helping our favorite font become a household name. It was in the + more

NYC, Part 3: kor-BOOZE-e-yay

With several prominent museums in Manhattan, there’s never a shortage of things to see. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) + more

NYC, Part 2: Diseñador Gráfico

“We rely too much on technology. I am not against it, but a pencil is one with my brain, an + more

NYC, Part 1: Wild Things

I spent the last couple of weeks away from the office. (Yeah, even my boss lets me get away once + more

Congratulations Are in Order

It was just announced that Michelle Hege has been named president and CEO of Desautel Hege Communications. I remember Michelle + more

Happy Birthday

This is why the writer should never leave the office. While Aaron is playing over in Seattle (actually, he’s interviewing + more

An Opening-Night Surprise

As most of our readers know by now, helveticka survived the March 1 opening of Spokane Modern Architecture, 1948–1973 at the Northwest Museum + more

Shirlee’s in jail!

Yep, she’s a Jailbird. And proud of it. She’s taking part in the 2012 Spokane Lock-Up benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy + more

About AMD

Anderson Mraz Design, formed in 1988 in Spokane, Washington, is a communications design group operating in local, regional, and national markets. + more

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