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Visiting One of Spokane’s Oldest Neighborhoods

Been to Hillyard lately? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Here’s why…

How Embarrassing! The Middle School Minefield

Getting through middle school is a lot like navigating a minefield. All it takes is one awkward moment and boom! You’ve triggered an explosion of embarrassment.

CK’s iPics of the Year

Presenting my fourth annual iPics of the year. My 2018 selections – 20 subjects in all – are mostly derived + more

On Location in Greeley, Colorado

Echo is on display at the University of Northern Colorado’s Mariana Gallery—and it’s pretty amazing. Artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards covered the + more

All in a Day’s Work

CK, Linda, and I just returned from a fact-finding mission in northern Colorado: How does the city of Greeley turn + more

CK’s iPics of the Year

Welcome to my second annual iPics of the Year. To keep it simple, I’ve narrowed my favorite 2016 images down + more

Putting the “Pro” in Pro Bono Publico

Our Helveticahaus friend and cheerful supporter, Craig Sweat, recently helped us out on our fall apparel photoshoot. Along with his assistant Chris + more

Oh My God—That’s It!

With a little bit of sleuthing and some dumb luck, my wife Linda and I recently managed to find the + more

Four in a Row

For the past four years now, I’ve set aside a full week in Greeley, Colorado for still photography and filming + more

Metals Fab Unplugged

There’s something exciting about working inside a big, industrial manufacturing facility like Metals Fab. Huge I-beams moving about, lots of + more

The Road Less Traveled

The latest Avista TV spot took us to some gorgeous locations. From fly fishing below the Post Falls spill gates + more

High Expectations

With our third City of Greeley, Colorado campaign up and running and the 2016 campaign currently underway, I’m reminded of + more

Flush with Trivia

If you travel south along US 195 toward Colfax, you’ll eventually come upon the Horn School rest stop. Now I + more

Where the Sun Don’t Shine

I’ve been on the road shooting for Hecla Mining Company—a client we’ve worked with since 1988. The shoot involved both + more

There Goes the Warranty

About 6,000 below the surface at the Lucky Friday mine, Jim Swoboda of ILF Media (on the left ) and + more

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