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Poetry Break

In his Poetry Notebook (Liveright, 2014), Clive James says that “Man on the Moon” by Australian poet Stephen Edgar is “a perfect + more

Merry Christmas, Everyone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, sure, but it’s awfully hard to enjoy it when so many people have + more

CK’s iPics of the Year

Welcome to my second annual iPics of the Year. To keep it simple, I’ve narrowed my favorite 2016 images down + more

Warning! Sensitive Material in This Post!

“Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”? While schools and businesses are far more inclined to use the former lest they offend someone, + more

Poetry Break

LET QUACKS, EMPIRICS, DOLTS DEBATE T. S. Eliot Let quacks, empirics, dolts debate The quandaries of Church and State. Let + more

2016 in Music

The first step, they say, is admitting you have a problem. Mine is albums and books—as in purchasing too damn many + more


Though it’s been about ten years since I landed in Washington, I will always be an Alaskan. Lately, I miss it. A + more

Words of Wisdom

I’m usually the first one in the office—sometimes by only 10 minutes or so, sometimes by a full hour. It’s + more

Thanksgiving in Yellowstone: A (Very Brief) Photo Essay

Best time to visit Yellowstone? When the temperature dips into the 20s. That’s when most folks don’t want to bother—but + more

No Wonder It’s Called the Big Apple.

While on our way to visit the 9/11 Museum in New York City, we passed through a new, spectacular building + more

Weekend Feasting

After a four day stretch of eating I decided I’d skip breakfast this morning and give my body a little + more

Just When You Think You Know Someone…

“The name’s Anderson. CK Anderson.” Those who’ve met our fearless leader rarely question his nom de guerre, likely assuming some + more

Mose Allison, RIP

I’ll just come right out and admit it: When I bought Ever Since the World Ended, Mose Allison’s 1987 album for + more


“pan y rosas discos is a netlabel out of chicago that focuses on experimental, noise, improvisation and weirdo rock.” If + more

A Fitting Tribute

In honor of Veterans Day—and mindful of Aldous Huxley’s maxim that “after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the + more

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