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Not to Brag or Anything…

Hey, get a load of this, from our friends over at the Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation: + more

No Wonder It’s Called the Big Apple.

While on our way to visit the 9/11 Museum in New York City, we passed through a new, spectacular building + more

Lunchtime Viewing

An old friend of mine alerted me to The Man Who Built Cambodia, a short (30 minutes, give or take) film about + more

That’s Only $88 Million a Year

One of the most striking buildings we discovered on a recent trip to Europe was in Hamburg, Germany. The Elbphilharmonie + more

“I was a little more flamboyant. I was the outlandish one.”

There’s an article in yesterday’s Spokesman-Review that you really ought to read. No, it’s not because I’m quoted. It’s because you need to know more about + more

Six Years in the Making

In 2013, one of the most ambitious projects our firm has ever produced opened at the Northwest Museum of Arts + more

Built to Last

On a recent visit to the southwest, I had the good fortune of visiting one of the finest architectural structures + more

Brooks in Boise

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of presenting a lecture at Boise’s fourth annual Modern Masters series, sponsored by Preservation Idaho and Idaho + more

Hey! That’s Us!

Looks like KREM 2 News has discovered the SPOMa exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture. Here’s their + more

Unsung Hero

Victoria Ertelt, library administrator at Mount Angel Abbey, poses next to one of the Alvar Aalto chairs on display at + more

A couple of architects walk into a museum…

Bob Nixon, left, and Glenn Davis visited SPOMa over the weekend. Nixon, who served as a partner at both Walker & + more

The Very Antithesis of Modern Design

CK and I will be on a photo and video shoot in Colorado this week (CK’s already there, as a + more

An Opening-Night Surprise

As most of our readers know by now, helveticka survived the March 1 opening of Spokane Modern Architecture, 1948–1973 at the Northwest Museum + more

Architects in a Building Designed by Architects Viewing an Exhibit on Architects

Last night at the MAC, CK addressed a gathering of members of the Spokane chapter of the American Institute of + more

On the Radio

Okay, fine. We’ll do one more SPOMa post. (Why? Because we can.) Here’s a story about the exhibit from Steve Jackson over + more


Now that everyone’s fully recovered from the celebratory soirée—ashtrays cleaned, empty bottles tossed, farm animals returned to their rightful owners—we can report + more

The ABC of Architects

Since we’re in the middle of developing an exhibit on Spokane’s Mid-Century Modern architecture for our friends at the Northwest + more

A Fitting Metaphor

Not only did photographer Timothy Allen trek to the Bulgarian Balkans in the dead of winter, he was kind enough + more

George Lucas, Call Your Office

As Iran edges ever closer to building a working nuke, violence escalates in Syria, and the simmering culture war here + more

Inside, Outside

Churches have always been associated with amazing architecture. But leave it to some clever designers to push the boundaries between + more

Where Hipsters Go When They Grow Old

Aries Mateus Architects—proud owners of the awesomest website home page ever—have designed a truly remarkable nursing home in Alcácer do + more

People Are Starting to Talk

The latest issue of PROOF! just got a little love from BUILDblog, so we’re giving a little right back. If + more

“Planes are shifted off the orthogonal…”

Because it’s Thursday, I bring you Couch Cushion Architecture: A Critical Analysis.

Worshiping Design

A recent trip to Seattle offered up yet another encouraging ray of hope: that good architectural design can truly inspire. + more

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