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A Capital Idea

Kwame Anthony Appiah has an interesting piece over at the Atlantic on language and usage, racial designation as social identity, + more

Time is money. Or something.

“People who don’t write think that writing is just the physical act,” says author Edward P. Jones, “but first come + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

“English is an immensely complicated language to get right,” writes Mark Forsyth, “and native speakers often have no idea of + more

Words of Wisdom

Issue #94 of Nick Cave’s indispensable Red Hand Files tackles the thorny issue of plagiarism—and manages to draw an important + more

Honest Question

Of all my language-related pet peeves—and there are a lot of them, including the term pet peeve—it’s the verbs-as-nouns shift + more

The Creative Life

Here’s more evidence for the theory that messiness and creativity are somehow connected: W. H. Auden was apparently a disgusting + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

About a block from helveticka world headquarters there’s a business that offers “Spokanes only 15 minute workout.” A missing apostrophe, + more

Word of the Day

bricoleur (noun; French) one who creates without the aid of a plan or strategy “Aaron’s such a brilliant writer, I’ll + more

Monday Curmudgeonry

The definition of the word privilege, like that of racism, has lately been stretched so far as to have lost + more

Garbage In, Garbage Out

“No matter where I’ve worked,” writes Molly Young in perhaps the greatest takedown of corporate-speak I’ve ever read, “it has + more

The New Puritans

In light if this steaming pile of stupidity—in which one of the “concerns” raised against American Dirt is that the + more

Go Phil Go!

Remember when President Jimmy Carter led a multi-nation boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics when the Soviets refused to withdraw + more

Vindication Is Mine

Pssst: Like multitasking, unicorns, and Donald Trump’s self-made real estate empire, brainstorming is a myth. I know, it doesn’t fit + more

Mere Wordnerdery

Wilfred M. McClay is my spirit animal: Like a lover of endangered species, the lover of endangered words jumps for + more

Stop! Grammar time!

Oof. “Best known as the drummer and lyricist of the Canadian rock trio, Rush, [Neil] Peart was also a successful + more

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