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Stop! Grammar Time!

I’ve been trying—no, really, I have!—to be less judgmental about typos in print. But inevitably I’ll come across something like + more

Hello? Anyone There?

Yeah, yeah—I know. It’s been a while since we posted anything here. Four weeks, by my reckoning. So what have + more

Yay! More Grammar!

Following up on Tuesday’s post, I think a lot of people reflexively use if instead of whether because the latter + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

For nearly all of my professional writing life, part of my job has included editing others’ work. During that time + more

Survey Says…

Want to measure your “verbal creativity”? Got four minutes? You’re in luck. The Divergent Association Task is a quick measure + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

This is your daily reminder that premises, when referring to a tract of land together with its buildings, is already + more

The More You Know

From John McWhorter’s delightful Nine Nasty Words, we learn the origin of one of my all-time faves: shit. English ultimately + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

Saw this in today’s paper: Coeur d’Alene-based technology company, Rohinni, is under new leadership and is planning to relocate its + more

Language Evolves Apace

I learned a new word today: kakistocracy. My copy of the OED defines it as “the government of a State + more

Write. Edit. Repeat.

According to Wikipedia, Benjamin Franklin was “an American polymath active as a writer, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, printer, publisher and + more

Looks Like I’m About to Be Replaced

OpenAI’s GPT-3 is an artificial neural network that uses “probability, machine learning, and a huge body of training texts to + more

Writing Is Hard, part 8,493

“I am deeply resentful that others write my headlines,” says Peggy Noonan, “and deeply relieved I don’t have to.” It’s + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

From today’s edition of the Spokesman-Review: You’ll catch Drew Marquis on Saturday mornings at the Hood River farmers market patiently + more

The Creative Process

In this delightful segment from a 1970 interview with the ever-charming Dick Cavett, Paul Simon reveals how he came to + more

Our Ever-Evolving Language

I learned a new word today. (Don’t get excited—I’m usually the last one to learn anything, so y’all are probably + more

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