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I picked up my first copy of Desert Oracle the summer before last at the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada—mostly + more

Breaking News: People Are Dumb

Got a text from the missus about the latest salvo in the War on Things We Don’t Like Right Now.™ + more

Christmas Gift Idea for Aaron

The American edition of Andrew Roberts’s Churchill: Walking with Destiny comes out today. I know, I know—you’re probably wondering whether yet + more

Quote of the Day

When studio mogul Samuel Goldwyn approached George Bernard Shaw to either convince the renowned playwright to create new material for feature + more

Monday Miscellany

Surprise! Mid-century modern and minimalism are “a feast for the eyes, but a nightmare for the ears.” Wanna be an + more

Travelogue, part III

Some people’s vacation ideal is a Caribbean cruise, others a European getaway. Me? I dig road trips. And even though + more

Travelogue, part II

Representing everything from wartime paranoia to outright racism, Manzanar paints a rather sordid picture of American history in the 20th + more

Travelogue, part I

Under cover of darkness on the evening of November 2, the missus and I decamped for warmer climes—namely Death Valley + more

Monday Miscellany

Okay, so, I’m back. (Yeah, I know, you probably hadn’t noticed I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks. Just…humor + more

Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

Two new studies seem to confirm that “people who drink their coffee black often have psychopathic or sadistic traits,” and + more

An Early Remembrance. And a Poem.

It’s a little early for an Armistice Day post, but I was so moved by this short reflection by Jay + more

Art Update

“Rarely was the practical task of textile creation considered an artistic pursuit,” writes Kylie Warner. “One woman changed that.” Anni + more

Poetry Break

I PRAY FOR COURAGE Leonard Cohen I pray for courage Now I’m old To greet the sickness And the cold + more


A “striking image and a few well-chosen words still have the power to influence,” writes Michael Watts about Uncovered, a history of + more

Eyes Wide Open

Before Stanley Kubrick’s rise to fame as a filmmaker, he was a photojournalist for Look magazine. He began in 1945—when he was + more

Monday Musings

I got an email today from my local Subaru dealership. I wouldn’t ordinarily mention this sort of thing—they send at + more

Support Your Local Bookstore

Looks like my parents got at least one thing right: “A new large-scale study, featuring data from 31 countries…finds the advantages + more


This is dumb. This is even dumber. (I’d try to explain why I’m immune to Banksy’s purported charms, but I’m + more

Curmudgeonly Rant

Not that anyone cares, but here are three somewhat-related things I was stewing about on my walk today: First, an + more

Mischief in Massachussetts

Over at the New Yorker, Ian Crouch writes about the “slight profundity” of the latest corporate name change: “[Dunkin’] joins + more

Quote of the Day

Carl Trueman, professor in the Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts and Letters at Grove City College, Pennsylvania, begins his upper-level humanities + more

Happy Friday!

Apropos of yesterday’s blog post, in which we noted that civilizational collapse is pretty much right on schedule, here’s more + more

We’re Doomed

Fancy a quick look at what’s happening around the world? According to Mother Nature Network, it appears that the end of the + more

“Get up (get on up)…”

Francis Fukuyama is a veritable quote machine. (Sort of like this, only…different.) Here are a few choice nuggets from a + more

I Want to Believe

“Conspiracy theories,” writes Clare Coffey over at the estimable New Atlantis, “obsesses [sic] over human history and insist that it + more

Good to Know

Always quick to remind anyone who will listen that the glass is, in fact, half full, Courtney offers up some + more

Quote of the Day

“The more I work,” writes London-based artist and musician Martin Creed in the foreword to Works, a survey of his + more


So there’s a thing called the iPhone Photography Awards. And they just announced the 2018 winners. While we’re at it, + more

Time to Detox Your Masculinity

This article on young men and the “new narcissism” is worth a couple of minutes of your time. Turns out + more

An’ a one, an’ a two…

“In 1932,” writes Armand D’Angour, associate professor of classics at the University of Oxford, “the musicologist Wilfrid Perrett reported to + more

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