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After 6,205 days on the job, I’m hanging up my spurs. Which means this blog post (number 1,627, for those + more


Elizabeth Corey praises the slow, humble work required of true scholarship: “Though it can be fun to act as an + more

You Are What You Read

I’m no Art Garfunkel, but I have been keeping track of my reading over the last couple of years. Just + more

Quote of the Day

From the eminently quotable Cornel West, on the subject of American pragmatism: We can go all the way back to + more

Travel Report

Had a picnic lunch with the missus last Monday in Lonerock, Oregon. We were on our way home from Redmond, + more

Music for Hump Day

Leo Nocentelli turns 76 today. The lead guitarist and co-founder of The Meters was born in New Orleans in 1946. + more

It’s Come to This

Six years ago, when we first brought to your attention the emergence of curate as a synonym for select, I + more

Nightmare Fuel

If hell exists—and I’m inclined to believe it must, otherwise the Kardashians would have no place to go when they + more

Et tu, New Yorker?

I was reading a this story about MSG when I came across the following: Despite MSG’s image makeover, I’ve found + more


Researchers estimate that 90 percent of medieval manuscripts have been lost completely. Florence Hazrat asks the important questions: Are prescribed + more

Old Man Yells at Cloud

This xkcd comic—from 2010, mind you—remains true today: I mean, see for yourself: exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C, exhibit + more

Quote of the Millennium

I’ve been reading through The Ladder of Divine Ascent by Saint John Climacus, and this paragraph, from the chapter “Step + more

Happy Birthday, Prince of Darkness

Miles Davis—arguably the most innovative jazz musician of all time—would have been 96 today. The very first jazz record I + more

The Dangers of Geek Chic

Shot: “Man is probably not a machine, but he behaves as such in a situation where the machines impose his + more

Quote of the Day

“I believe that when the last ding-dong of doom has clanged and faded from the last worthless rock hanging tideless + more

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