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A Much-Needed Corrective

We live in stupid times. On this there can be no debate. And while it’s certainly tempting to give up + more

Poetry Break

from ATTICS OF MY LIFE Robert Hunter* In the attics of my life Full of cloudy dreams unreal Full of + more


Evangeline Garreau, from the latest issue of her never-boring email newsletter, on the occasion of her thirtieth birthday: One thing + more

You Win, 2020

In these unprecedented times (as nearly every TV commercial now begins), I guess it’s nice to know that Australia is + more

For Your Next Meeting of The Finer Things Club

To all you “traumatised Brits” triggered by an American woman’s TikTok video describing how to make a cup of “British + more

On My Mind

Seems appropriate right now to share this, the first known television interview with Nelson Mandela: Only twenty-four seconds long, the + more

Weekend Miscellany

Matthew Walther thinks John Lennon’s “Imagine” is the worst song ever recorded. (He’s right, of course.) “Dark heritage” in context. + more

Our Glorious Mosaic

After moving to Argentina three years ago, Dominic Hilton remains frustrated with his inability to learn the language—and bemused at + more

Quote of the Day

From the The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same Department (courtesy of Plato, in his critique of + more

A Little Something to Take Your Mind off the Chaos and Insanity

Couple of cool stories from Humanities magazine: Ron Stanford rediscovers some photographs taken in 1972 while he and his wife + more

Throw Away the Swear Jar

It’s official: Repeatedly dropping the F-bomb increases both your tolerance and your threshold for pain. Lest you think that a + more


You think you know your Azafen from your Minalcar from your Orophin? Think again—then test your knowledge with this quiz + more

Music Nerds of the World, Rejoice!

There’s a new podcast in town, and it’s (predictably) great. The Album Years, hosted by Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness, + more

Miscellany: Three-Day Weekend Edition

How about some long reads for the long weekend? First, Marilynne Robinson, writing in the New York Review of Books, + more

A Lifeline

If you’ve been spending the pandemic sitting around the house in underwear you haven’t washed in a week, sculpting tiny + more

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