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Discovery Rocks Art World

Rummaging through some boxes in helveticka’s archives recently, I found this painting in an unmarked folder containing back issues of High Times and old Taco + more

What’s Next? Pre-Chewed Food?

If you’re someone who thinks that the very existence of President Donald J. Trump is proof of the coming apocalypse, + more


Is life a problem to be solved, with happiness awaiting those who solve it? No. And…no. In fact, “optimizing one’s life and + more

Ode to Billy Joel

Over at The Atlantic, Adam Chandler describes the scene at a Billy Joel concert: A mother tries to cajole her + more

So THAT’s why CK smells funny today…

Happy Weed Day, everyone. In the fall of ’71 Waldo Steve was given a treasure map to a patch of + more


The subhead of this article says it all: “What began as an attempt at a simpler life quickly became a + more

Great Shirts Think Alike

Thanks to Isabel Heisler for the invitation to speak yesterday at my alma mater, Spokane Falls Community College. Originally from + more

The B.S. Goes to 11

Jeff Koons is unveiling his latest project, and, from the sounds of it, well…let’s just let him describe it: “They touch + more

Today in History

Lord Byron to Thomas Moore, from Venice, April 11, 1817: My late physician, Dr Polidori, is here on his way + more


Today I was going to write about the recent decision by the editors of the AP Stylebook—perhaps my least favorite + more

Wait. What?

Last week, Vincent Connare, the typographer who unleashed Comic Sans on an unsuspecting world, confessed his sins in an interview over + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

Unwieldy? Or unwieldly? This is a tough one—because neither the correct word nor its root are all that common these days. We generally + more

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