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Monday Musings

I came across the following Latin phrase in my weekend reading: esse quam videri. Loosely translated, it means “to be + more

Speaking of Boxing

­Around here, we do words as well as we can. And sometimes we do them pretty well, though we try + more


When it comes to focus areas, designers have a lot of choices: layout, typography, web design, and more. Some are + more

Need a Hand with Your Words?

So while I was taking a break from being awesome today, I completed the Chicago Style Workout 17: Hyphens, Part + more


Why anyone would need “Ten Ways to Organize Your Bookshelf” is beyond me, since there is only one correct way to + more

All in a Day’s Work

CK, Linda, and I just returned from a fact-finding mission in northern Colorado: How does the city of Greeley turn + more

This Year’s Vacation Rocked

One of the side benefits of this job (apart from the piles of cash and the constant attention from the + more

On Dominance and Submission

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I recently returned from an epic road trip that took the missus and me + more

On the Road

Just got back from a two-week vacation—a rambling road trip covering more than 5,300 miles across a dozen states, mostly + more

Another Dose of Nostalgia

Last week (6.26), Courtney shared with us this link, taking us to a world that many have forgotten. This week, I’ll + more

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