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September 2014

Writers under the Microscope

“The trouble with writing,” concludes Michelle Huneven, “is writing.” Truer words were never spoken. But wait—there’s more: “Writing is difficult + more

It’s the Most Wonderful Time…

Happy National Punctuation Day, everyone. What…you didn’t get me anything? Not to worry: you can make up for it by + more

Tuesday Miscellany

From Mad no. 154 (October 1972): “The Mad Guide to Political Types.” The terrifying tale of The Hound of Mons has + more

Philanthropic Experience

A recent visit to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle proved to be a treat. A series of + more


There’s a quiz over at that purports to determine what font you are. It’s a multiple-choice thing with really dumb answers + more

Kickstarting a Classic

It may be the most famous graphics standards manual ever created (if not one of the largest): Unimark International’s 364-page manual for + more

Winter Is Coming

On September 16, 1805—209 years ago today—the Lewis and Clark expedition was crossing the Bitterroot Range of the Rocky Mountains, somewhere + more

Happy Birthday, Bouten

Bouten Construction Company turns 70 this year, and last week they invited a couple hundred of their closest friends to the Spokane Convention Center’s + more

On Teaching

Though I’ve more than once used this space to extol the virtues of Stephen King’s On Writing (here and here), I + more

The Week that Was: September 5 Edition

The headline says it all: “Underwear-stealing ghosts made my life hell.” The best line of the story, though? “I thought + more


I guess football season is starting? Like…tonight? And the Seahawks are somehow involved? I’ll admit it: I just don’t find it + more

helveticka endorses…

“All work and no play,” wrote Jack Torrance (over and over and over again), “makes Jack a dull boy.” So do + more

Proofreaders of the World Untie!

I’ve long held that proofreading your own work is a fool’s errand. And no, it’s not because I particularly suck + more

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