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Stop! Grammar Time!

I’ve been working my way through Gwynne’s Grammar, a delightful little book with a somewhat cheeky subtitle: The Ultimate Introduction to Grammar + more

Senectus insanabilis morbus est.

“…there is nothing quite like an inscription in a book no longer owned by the dedicatee to capture the melancholy, + more

Monday Miscellany

Only in Florida: A quadruple amputee is “armed and on the run” from authorities, a shoplifter managed to stuff a chainsaw down his + more

Call me Ishmael.

“Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering whale; to the last I grapple with thee; from hell’s heart I + more

Poetry Break

We talked a little last week about poetry and rhythm, and it occurred to me afterward that poetry is an awful + more

Eight and Counting

Over the last twenty years, our firm has expanded into the area of 3D design—and, along the way, had the good + more


Because it’s Friday—and because the 70s were awesome—I bring you Sean Connery in what is quite possibly his finest role ever: + more

What This Barrier-Smashing Journalist Just Said Will Blow Your Mind.

You’ve probably heard the term clickbait. If not, you’ve certainly experienced it. You know—those cheesy ads along the margins of + more

Who Could Ask for Anything More?

While there are a lot of reasons for bad writing, the one I most frequently see is a lack of + more

Happy Halloween

My family has a couple of Halloween traditions, if you want to call them that: We eat chili and listen + more

Radical Inspiration 

Dan Friedman was an extraordinary designer. His work is currently on display at the American Institute of Graphic Arts National + more

Voices from Ground Zero

The 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City is easily the most powerful exhibit experience I’ve ever seen. Even the + more

An Original Mad Man

One of the great things about visiting NYC is that you never run out of things to see. The Museum + more

A Life in Design

So what do Mobile, Xerox, PBS, Chase Manhattan Bank, and National Geographic all have in common? Their graphic identity programs + more

Where the Sun Don’t Shine

I’ve been on the road shooting for Hecla Mining Company—a client we’ve worked with since 1988. The shoot involved both + more

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