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“Nostalgia for Now”

Writing in The Wilson Quarterly, Brandon Ambrosino asks an important question: “If, in the smartphone age, our only experience of + more

Frisson? Or Frissoff?

And all this time I thought this was perfectly normal: [R]esearchers found that the brains of individuals who occasionally feel a + more

More Homophonophilia! Yay!

Following up on yesterday’s post, here are a couple of of my favorite homophones: discreet and discrete. What makes these particularly fun is that they’re + more

Homophone Alert!

Over at the PBS Newshour website, I came across this: “There is a lot of pressure in academia to tow + more

Say Goodbye to Your Afternoon

This is not only strangely beautiful, but also weirdly satisfying. According to the description, this is “Popping Popcorn at 30,000 Frames + more

Better than a Puffy Down Jacket

So the mean temperature in Spokane this last Saturday was 7°F. And Sunday was even colder. But that didn’t prevent me from stepping + more

Always Relevant

I subscribe to a lot of daily and weekly newsletters/blogs/rantings, etc. Some for fun. Some for knowledge. Some to just + more


From the Department of Redundancies Department: Local residents reject Swiss citizenship request of an “annoying” vegan with a “big mouth.” + more

Funny Business

From the very first time I read the Journal of Business, I’ve looked forward to seeing the handiwork of local + more

Stop! Grammar time!

Regular reader Mike W. (not his real name) has a question: “Is it all right to use alright instead of + more

A Resolution Worth Sticking To

So the missus and I decided to go crazy this year with the Mother of Resolutions: We’re going to read + more

1980 5-Franc Coin

In the U.S. alone, there are trillions of coins in circulation. When taking into account the rest of the world, + more

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