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August 2018

“The Grandfathers of Logo Design”

It used to be that logo design was “mostly utilitarian; images that represented brands often depicted either the product, the service, + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

Jealous vs. envious. Synonyms? Not quite. Let’s say you see Skooch roll up to helveticka world headquarters in his sweet new + more

I Want to Believe

“Conspiracy theories,” writes Clare Coffey over at the estimable New Atlantis, “obsesses [sic] over human history and insist that it + more

Good to Know

Always quick to remind anyone who will listen that the glass is, in fact, half full, Courtney offers up some + more

Fun for the Whole Family

Have you heard? helveticka is 30 years old. And since we never do things the easy—or, let’s be honest, normal—way, + more

Quote of the Day

“The more I work,” writes London-based artist and musician Martin Creed in the foreword to Works, a survey of his + more

Ten of Thirty

Twenty-three years ago, we launched our first exhibit. It happened almost by accident. I’d stumbled across several World War I + more


So there’s a thing called the iPhone Photography Awards. And they just announced the 2018 winners. While we’re at it, + more

Time to Detox Your Masculinity

This article on young men and the “new narcissism” is worth a couple of minutes of your time. Turns out + more

Thirty years later…

…we’re still here. I know what you’re thinking: That cannot possibly be. After all, nobody expected it to last. A couple + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

When people ask me for advice on writing,* I’ll often respond with “Never use utilize. Always use use.” Sure, it’s + more

An’ a one, an’ a two…

“In 1932,” writes Armand D’Angour, associate professor of classics at the University of Oxford, “the musicologist Wilfrid Perrett reported to + more

Happy Friday!

Got a couple weekend reads for you. First, an article in the LA Review of Books that compels me to + more

We Had a Pretty Good Run, I Guess

You know, when I was a kid, I thought there’d be a flying car in every garage by now. Or, at the + more

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