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Giving Back

Have you heard? Another Helveticahaus scholarship winner was just announced. This is kind of a big deal. Since they opened + more


This is dumb. This is even dumber. (I’d try to explain why I’m immune to Banksy’s purported charms, but I’m + more

Curmudgeonly Rant

Not that anyone cares, but here are three somewhat-related things I was stewing about on my walk today: First, an + more

Take Two Sonnets and Call Me in the Morning

As I may have mentioned here once or twice before, I like to begin each day with a little poetry. + more

Mischief in Massachussetts

Over at the New Yorker, Ian Crouch writes about the “slight profundity” of the latest corporate name change: “[Dunkin’] joins + more

Quote of the Day

Carl Trueman, professor in the Alva J. Calderwood School of Arts and Letters at Grove City College, Pennsylvania, begins his upper-level humanities + more

When the Boss Brings Treats

We’re always grateful when CK returns from a trip bearing gifts. This time, however, some of us might be feeling + more

Helvetica Is Human!

Back in 1967, the United Nations set out to create a set of universal wayfinding symbols. Looking at the results + more

Twelve of Thirty

This story picks up where last week’s post left off. Though I hadn’t seen Bernard Perlin since 1995—when he visited Spokane + more

Eleven of Thirty

I first heard of Bernard Perlin while researching WWII propaganda posters for our 1995 Behind the Red, White & Blue: Posters, + more

Just Like That, It’s Over 

It’s amazing how quickly an exhibit can be dismantled. In just one day, CX30: Creative Experiences, Thirty Collaborators—our recent exhibit celebrating + more

Happy Friday!

Apropos of yesterday’s blog post, in which we noted that civilizational collapse is pretty much right on schedule, here’s more + more

We’re Doomed

Fancy a quick look at what’s happening around the world? According to Mother Nature Network, it appears that the end of the + more

“Get up (get on up)…”

Francis Fukuyama is a veritable quote machine. (Sort of like this, only…different.) Here are a few choice nuggets from a + more

Quiz Time!

To a non-designer like me, the difference between Helvetica and Arial is like the difference between competing brands of a certain + more

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