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May 2019

Opposites Attract

One of my favorite books is The End of Print: The Graphic Design of David Carson. The now-famous 1995 publication achieved + more

Making It Better

Richard Lehnert, Stereophile copyeditor for the last 34 years, is calling it quits. He wrote a short reflection at the + more

Poetry Break

from THE MOWER Philip Larkin The first day after a death, the new absence Is always the same; we should + more


“A great civilization is not conquered from without,” wrote Will and Ariel Durant in Caesar and Christ, the third of + more

The Secret’s Out

When people ask me what I do for a living, and I respond with, “I’m a writer,” there’s a 99.78 + more

Bonus Post!

I don’t normally post on Wednesdays.* But today’s special. First, there’s, um…this. Celebrate accordingly. It’s also Keith Jarrett’s birthday. One + more

Everything you thought you knew is a lie. Or not.

Did you know that Theodor Geisel took his pen name – Dr. Seuss – from his mother’s maiden name? Neither + more

Monday: Miscellany

For Deadheads only: Robert Hunter, The Giant’s Harp, and a Terrapin multiverse? Just because: A stacked bar chart of the + more

Yes, Please!!!

“We are, all of us, office babies,” writes Madeleine Aggeler, “and exclamation points are the written equivalent of child-proof bumper + more


The latest edition of Collins Official Scrabble Words includes 2,862 new entries, among which is OK. But that’s “a controversial choice among + more

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