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July 2019

Travis Rivers, RIP

When I entered Eastern Washington University in the fall of 1985 as a freshman music major, I had no idea + more

Pagans and Heathens and Hippies, Oh My!

Over at The Baffler, there’s a great piece by Edward Millar and John Semley on one of my favorite films + more

What Goes Around…

Kevin Drum’s helpful “Short Primer on Modern Nuclear Reactor Design” includes a mention of thermal breeders – a type of + more

The Dark Side of Marketing

“The Cosmic Crisp is debuting on [sic] grocery stores after this fall’s harvest,” writes Brooke Jarvis in The California Sunday + more

It’s Happening

Asteroid OD 2019, an Apollo-type NEO (Near Earth Object), is scheduled to do a fly-by tomorrow around 6:30 a.m. Pretty + more


Lionel Shriver on the menace of “semantic drift.” Kevin Dettmar reports from The World of Bob Dylan Symposium, a four-day + more

Bang a Gong

“Creating a Gong,” according to Paiste, “is a dedication to the deeper meaning of the structured, focused vibrations which unfold + more

A Fragile State

Apart from being a talented designer, our own Steven Kutsch is an amateur mountaineer, recovering Red Bull addict, and Saw + more

Shots Fired in the Culture War

People of a certain age will no doubt remember this stunt: That was forty years ago today. But because everything + more

Take a Breather

The internet is amazing. Typography is the coolest. Put ’em both together and you get one full 30-minute break from + more

Quote of the Day

The trouble with the contemporary generation is that it has not read the minutes of the last meeting. Richard Weaver + more

A Recommendation

I’ve been reading Benjamin Dreyer’s Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style, and even though I’m only + more

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