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October 2020

Today in History

On October 23, 1642, Jacob Astley, 1st Baron Astley of Reading and Royalist Commander in the First English Civil War, + more

“I said my prayers and went to bed / That’s the last they saw of me…”

Out of concern for my wellbeing, my buddy Dave alerted me to some sobering news: Deadheads are being murdered at + more

A Glimmer of Hope

A pandemic with no end in sight. Riots in the streets. Families and friendships torn apart by rank political partisanship. + more

Handshake Deals, Copyright Law, and Rock and Roll

Somehow, none of the parties involved in this story—about the artist who painted the cover for Jethro Tull’s Aqualung—come out + more

Quote of the Day

“Those who wring their hands about the decline of the language sometimes worry too much about the wrong things. They + more


The 2020 winners of Nikon’s annual Small World photomicrography competition have been announced. Prepare to be dazzled. Why are some + more

Poetry Break

AMONG THE ROCKS Robert Browning Oh, good gigantic smile o’ the brown old earth, This autumn morning! How he sets + more

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

In 1972, my home town of Chewelah, Washington was recognized as an All-America City. As a kid, I remember it + more

A(nother) Rant

In an otherwise interesting essay reflecting on nearly two decades of running a record label, Alec Hanley Bemis offers up + more


Happy Monday! I’ve put together some interesting reads to help you start your week off right. You’re welcome. Elle Hunt + more


I’m not exactly one of those guys with his finger on the pulse of, well…anything, really. So naturally I’m a + more

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