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The More Things Change…

The November 16, 1920 edition of the Spokane Daily Chronicle reports on a disturbing trend: University of Idaho undergraduates “intent + more

Cheer Up!

Think things are bad now? They’re going to get a lot worse, according to data nerd/pine beetle expert Peter Turchin. + more

Shelf Awareness

Over at The Millions, Ed Simon writes about an anxiety that is all too real to me: a fear concerning + more

Music and Neuroscience

When I’m listening to Arvo Pärt’s Da Pacem Domine and I get goosebumps on my arms and feel prickly sensations + more

For Type Nerds Only

After an “intensive typographical adventure” comprising “hundreds of hours of in-depth research, meticulous drawing, discussion, testing, and refining,” a team + more

“And I think to myself / What a wonderful world”

A heart-shaped cattle brand, first recorded on February 10, 1873 and registered to O. C. Whitney of Ennis, Montana—and owned + more


“That the dead do not always stay dead continues to rankle the scientifically minded.” An interview with Brian Eno, whose + more

Take a Moment

“Quiet moments are when we put time aside to be quiet,” writes Robert Fripp about his ambient music series on + more

Ode to the Humble Ballpoint Pen

From the November 12, 1945 issue of Time magazine: In Manhattan’s Gimbel Bros., Inc., thousands of people all but trampled + more

The One and Only

We recently lost another industry giant: Celebrated graphic designer, typographer, and teacher Ed Benguiat passed away October 15 at age + more

Do’s and Don’ts

DO read: While spending a few days camping on Long Beach back in July, the missus and I found ourselves + more

Today in History

On October 23, 1642, Jacob Astley, 1st Baron Astley of Reading and Royalist Commander in the First English Civil War, + more

“I said my prayers and went to bed / That’s the last they saw of me…”

Out of concern for my wellbeing, my buddy Dave alerted me to some sobering news: Deadheads are being murdered at + more

A Glimmer of Hope

A pandemic with no end in sight. Riots in the streets. Families and friendships torn apart by rank political partisanship. + more

Handshake Deals, Copyright Law, and Rock and Roll

Somehow, none of the parties involved in this story—about the artist who painted the cover for Jethro Tull’s Aqualung—come out + more

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