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June 2021

Odds & Ends

“No crystal hunters are as daring as Chamonix’s cristalliers, who complete technical alpine climbs to extremely hard-to-get places so they + more

Rant of the Day

The answer to the question posed by the title of this piece is No. Full stop. You don’t have a + more

Freshman year in college, Christmas break…

I loved, loved, loved this movie when I first saw it at the old Orchard Tri Cinemas in Lewiston, Idaho. + more

Breaking News

Following up on Tuesday’s post, which included some tasty cicada recipes for the whole family, the U.S. Food & Drug + more

Summer’s Here

An interactive timeline of the history of ice, courtesy of the International Packaged Ice Association? Don’t mind if I do. + more


Does an orchestra conductor matter? Consider the New York Philharmonic. After Bernstein left in 1973, writes Norman Lebrecht, “Pierre Boulez + more

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