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Back in 2002, I stumbled into what, at the time, seemed like a ridiculously easy career: proofreading at an advertising agency. + more

Funny Business

From the very first time I read the Journal of Business, I’ve looked forward to seeing the handiwork of local + more

Putting the “Pro” in Pro Bono Publico

Our Helveticahaus friend and cheerful supporter, Craig Sweat, recently helped us out on our fall apparel photoshoot. Along with his assistant Chris + more

Starbucks Famous

We love Starbucks. Their branding, packaging, store, merchandise, and hell, we even love their commercials. We. Love. Starbucks. We also + more

But Wait—There’s More

I recently wrote about visiting the Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography at NYC’s Cooper Union. But what I didn’t + more

Snobbery Alert!

So this article calls Midcentury Modern design “the pumpkin spice latte of the design world.” There’s a lot wrong with that comparison. + more

“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Is a robot gunning for your job? If you’re a telemarketer, it’s already happening. And if you’re a bank teller, + more

Herb from Coast to Coast

A few weeks ago we changed out our office display case content to feature one of the best graphic designers + more

Stuart, meet Harold. Harold, meet Stuart.

On a recent visit to the new and wonderful Whitney Museum in downtown Manhattan, we came across an exhibit of the works of the + more


This is the coolest thing you’ll watch all day. Heck, I’ll wager it’s the coolest thing you’ll watch all month. + more

A Maker’s Field Guide

Check it. The new hotness from Mohawk arrived at our office a few weeks a go and I am just + more

The Perfect Setting

When we arrived at our Tuscany bed and breakfast last month, I couldn’t help but notice some interesting shapes off + more

Who Needs Rick Steves?

The next time you find yourself near Basel, Switzerland, be sure to stop by the Basler Papiermühle. Earlier this week I + more

The Holy Grail of Typography

If you (OK, in this case…I) were to name the one piece of typography ephemera that would look wonderful in + more

Oh My God—That’s It!

With a little bit of sleuthing and some dumb luck, my wife Linda and I recently managed to find the + more

Four in a Row

For the past four years now, I’ve set aside a full week in Greeley, Colorado for still photography and filming + more

Ode to C8H10N4O2

I had my first cup of coffee when I was around eight years old. I use the term “coffee” somewhat loosely, + more

I ❤️ Ken Brooks

Last Tuesday evening, I had the privilege of sharing a few stories about one of Spokane’s mid-century modern architectural masters, Kenneth W. + more

Six Years in the Making

In 2013, one of the most ambitious projects our firm has ever produced opened at the Northwest Museum of Arts + more

55, 56…and counting…

In the summer of 1988, the year our firm was founded, we landed two very important projects: annual reports for + more

Print Is Dead! Long Live Print!

“There are no two ways about it,” wrote John C. Abell in a 2011 article over at Wired. “E-books are here to + more

I like quilting…

… nah, I love quilting. I grew up quilting and sewing and surrounded by beautiful quilts and fabrics. I also + more

Been a Long Time…

The edco catalog represents one of the interesting ways projects come about. I last saw Clayton Goldsmith, international sales manager for + more

Hey. Get Back to Work.

Time for a little reminiscing. I recently ran across these photos of my oldest daughter, Haley. Just nine months old, + more

My Weekly Awesome

Throughout the week it’s easy to find cool things on the internet. Typically I share them with my coworkers, but busy days have + more

Waxing Philosophical

Q: Three women walk into a bar. Which one’s the vegan? A: Don’t worry. She’ll tell you. There are a lot + more

Jmup Aournd

I am not dyslexic, and until this morning, I could only imagine what it would be like. Thanks to this amazing link, everyone + more

Braces and Virtual Reality

I had braces in high school. And I loved them. Every day I could see my teeth moving from huge and bad + more

Could You Smile Just a Bit More?

When we complete one of our environmental graphic design projects, we often arrange for them to be photographed. And over + more

The Cookbook

In my family, when you get married, you get a cookbook. Not just any cookbook. The cookbook. It’s filled with recipes from my mother’s side + more

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