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Fun for the Whole Family

Have you heard? helveticka is 30 years old. And since we never do things the easy—or, let’s be honest, normal—way, + more

Ten of Thirty

Twenty-three years ago, we launched our first exhibit. It happened almost by accident. I’d stumbled across several World War I + more

Thirty years later…

…we’re still here. I know what you’re thinking: That cannot possibly be. After all, nobody expected it to last. A couple + more

Nine of Thirty

The 2017 annual report for Hecla Mining Company marks our 30th edition. It was the summer of 1988 when we + more

Not to Brag or Anything…

Hey, get a load of this, from our friends over at the Washington State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation: + more

Forty-Two Years Later

One of Spokane’s finest architects recently retired, closing his office and walking away from a 42-year career. Quietly. Unnoticed. And + more

Eight of Thirty

Using a handy Polaroid Spectra camera, I took a series of “clowning around” photos of visitors to our design office + more

Seven of Thirty

During annual report season, we’d always look for a good location to photograph the company’s top executives. We’d get permission + more

Six of Thirty

A trip to the print shop to check and sign off on paper stock, colors, and registration still happens, but + more

Five of Thirty

Back in the day (here we go again), we’d receive photo contact sheets—made directly from the photographer’s black and white + more

Four of Thirty

Okay, kids: Time for another lesson in old-school design techniques. Transfer type used to be a big deal. You would + more

Beg pardon?

I believe this is what the kids these days might call a “packaging fail.” Or maybe I’m the only one + more

Time Flies

In honor of helveticka’s thirtieth anniversary, we’ve uncovered a few items from our past and put them on exhibit in + more

Old-School Publishing

Twenty-four finalists (out of 450) have been selected in this year’s Book Illustration Competition run by The Folio Society and + more

Three of Thirty

Remember these? No, millennials, these are not drink coasters, but that’s about all they’re good for these days. 3.5″ floppy + more

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