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It’s Like They’re Not Even Trying

This email came over the helveticka transom on Monday. Apparently, we’re to believe that the IRS now has an email address, that + more

My Daily Dose

I thrive on routine. Lack of structure does not look good on this lady, which is why I do little things + more

Editing More is Less

One of my favorite things to do is sit in an editing suite. It must have something to do with knowing + more

Rebrand Alert!

Depending on how often you Internet (new verb coined by yours truly; it means to scour the Internet with no real direction or + more

The Texture of Design

When talking about design, so often I lean on buzzwords like grid, structure, layout, typography, rhythm, and scale. All of these are + more

Pixels in My Pocket

I remember when the only photographs I allowed myself to take were with my Cannon SLR 35mm camera—which had to + more

It’s Never Easy

No other typeface stirs up such divergent viewpoints as Swiss-born Helvetica. According to Wolfgang Weingart—the father of Swiss Punk typography—it’s “the epitome of + more


So Christmas is next week. T-minus nine days and counting. And even though my shopping is done, I won’t judge + more

90 Percent of the Quilting Jokes on Pinterest Are about Ryan Gosling

Growing up in my mother’s quilt shop taught me a lot of things: color theory, how to determine grain, and what quality craftsmanship + more

Metals Fab Unplugged

There’s something exciting about working inside a big, industrial manufacturing facility like Metals Fab. Huge I-beams moving about, lots of + more

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

So last week was kind of a big deal for us. Monday was our 1,000th blog post—a feat that took + more

Our First Rated-R Post!

What do you do for a living? It’s a pretty simple question—unless you work in the creative field. Trust me, + more

Pretty sure we’ve all been in that meeting…

In his penultimate contribution to our week-long blog Bacchanalia, professional cartoonist and 1990 Spokane Chess Club champion David Rowles reveals one + more

Everyone’s a Critic

Cartoonist David Rowles has provided us with five original works to help celebrate our 1,000th blog post this week. Today’s + more

Meanwhile, at stately helveticka headquarters…

In his second installment as guest blogger—and post number 1,001, in case you missed last week’s nail-biting lead-up—professional cartoonist David Rowles exposes the gap between + more

Our 1,000th Post!

I’d like to thank my parents, who believed in me before I had the courage to believe in myself. And, of + more

The Mysteries of Space Gray

I recently found out that what I’ve been calling a “black” iPhone all these years has a much more absurd title: “Space Gray.” + more

Cut, Bend, Punch, Powder Coat, Repeat.

More than a client, Hydrafab Northwest has been an important helveticka collaborator for several years now. Nearly all of our + more

High Expectations

With our third City of Greeley, Colorado campaign up and running and the 2016 campaign currently underway, I’m reminded of + more


Since this blog is accompanying a news release about helveticka’s wonderful new hire, Morgan Lynch, it seems appropriate to stick to a + more

Flush with Trivia

If you travel south along US 195 toward Colfax, you’ll eventually come upon the Horn School rest stop. Now I + more

Sasquatch Sighting in B.C.

A boat, a beer, a solid BBQ, and good people around me is how I like to spend the summer holidays, + more

Mr. Jones Retires

I’ve had the good fortune of working with a lot of great people over the course of my career. One + more


Seb Lester can draw seemingly any logo by hand. Is there a practical application for this talent of his? Who + more

Where To Next?

Left to right: Mojo director of photography/editor/sound designer Kevin Graham, me, Avista marketing communications manager Colette Bottinelli (photograph courtesy of Mojo). You + more

The Best of Show

No matter how small or large your ego is, it’s always nice to see your work recognized by your peers. And + more

Question, Answered.

Why is it important to have a mobile friendly website, you ask? According to Nielsen, “Nearly half of smartphone owners + more

Internet Time Machine

If you’re up for a deep-drive today, Wayback Machine has you afternoon planned out for you. As an internet archive, + more

Between the Digital and the Physical

“Like a lot of people, I split my time now between the digital world and the physical one. My head’s + more

Flower Striptease

It’s mid-March and already the spring-time lovelies are peeking their heads out of the ground to brighten up the Pacific + more

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