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Roll Over Beethoven

Alex Ross poses an interesting question: We have embraced the avant-garde in other art forms; why not music? For a + more

What’s It Mean to Be “Creative”?

Hollywood writer and producer Rob Long has a hilarious take on the creative process, courtesy of KCRW. You can subscribe + more

Happy Thanksgiving

There’s a lot of talk this time of year about how to properly cook a turkey, how to ensure a + more

An Appeal

Back in the 90s, it was “don’t go there.” In the aughts, it was “my bad” (still a pox on + more

More Grammar! Yay!

Following up on Wednesday’s post about the many-splendored semicolon, I want to shed a little light on the frequently cited + more


Research suggests that a habitual marijuana habit impedes cognitive function. Who knew?

Half a Colon’s Better than No Colon at All

One of the more egregious writing errors I come across—from adults who ought to know better, no less—is the joining + more

Should You Kill the Fat Man?

I find this sort of exercise irresistible. My moral consistency score (100%) suggests that I am “admirably consistent in the + more

Thoughts on Fall Reading

Just to poke another finger in the eye of those whose literary lives consist entirely of summer reading lists, I + more

To a Cannibal, I Would Most Likely Taste Like Spicy Beef

…at least according to this exhaustive, peer-reviewed, and scientifically accurate quiz. In other news, “Seinfeld” can teach us a lot + more

A Salute to All the John Robert Monaghans

In the spring of 2008, I was on a photo assignment near downtown Spokane for one of our clients. We + more

CD of the Week

A couple of weeks ago, the suits here at AMD World Headquarters saw fit to upgrade my work-issue computer—a “gently + more

Because It’s Friday…

…I bring you the 100 coolest sports logos of all time. And, as a bonus, an infographic explaining how smartphone + more

Out with the Old, in with the New

We’ve had the good pleasure of working with the local accounting and advisory firm LeMasterDaniels since late 2006. This Monday, + more

On This, There Can Be No Debate.

Elmore Leonard doesn’t see the point of eBooks. As far as I’m concerned, then, that ends the discussion.

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