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Now More than Ever

Reading this little exchange makes me long for the days when gas was cheap, men walked on the moon, and + more

Stoopid Graphic Designers

In a piece about the future of punctuation, Henry Hitchings mentions the unmentionable: that graphic designers might be at least + more

Power to the Atreides!

Occupy Wall Street? Meh. This is a movement we can all get behind. Geeks Are Sexy has more.

Don’t Miss This

We don’t do a lot of movie reviews here at the last word. Unless, of course, they happen to be + more

Friday Miscellany

An oldie but goodie: the Shakespeare Insult Kit. Apparently, the last sound you’ll hear as you’re torn apart by piranhas + more

7 Spelling and Grammar Errors that Make You Look Dumb

Here’s the list. Pretty basic stuff, really, but it’s surprising how many times I come across both the loose/lose and + more

Word as Image

Korean artist Ji Lee creates images out of words, using only the letters in the word itself. Some are more + more

God Knows We Could Use the Help

It’s not often that our work is blessed by a priest. But recently, thanks to a project for Sacred Heart + more

Face to Face

Portrait of the Artist’s Father: William C. Herman (2010) If you’re looking to enjoy a wonderful local art exhibition, visit + more

How to Write Good

J. Maureen Henderson offers up some thoughtful advice on the nuts and bolts of writing, a counter to the typical + more

Birthday Wishes

Elmore Leonard turns 86 today.

Ask Dr. Grammar!

One of our intrepid readers—let’s call him “Curtis”—writes in to complain about the nounification of certain verbs: When did the + more

No words necessary.

Give Us a Kiss, Luv

11th place, 2011: Dr. Jan Michels, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany Nikon’s annual Small World Photomicrography Competition is regarded as “the + more

What “Average” Looks Like

Moritz Resl has completed a project in which every letter of the over 900 fonts in his library—including the ugly + more

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