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Welcome to Oregun

The Oregon Department of Education is allowing the use of spell check on the state’s required writing exam. Even more + more

Something Smells Funny

While he’s Spokane’s best-known fine artist, Harold Balazs’s finest contribution to society may very well be “Transcend the Bullshit,” his + more

Dick Winters, RIP

Major Dick Winters, commander of “Easy Company” of the 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st + more

Monday Miscellany

Over at More Intelligent Life, Anthony Gardner has some thoughts on “verbing”—that most deplorable of language trends. My theory is + more

Serving Up Fresh Design

One of the world’s most iconic brands has changed its logo. Actually, it’s more of a refresh than anything else. + more

CD Review

  Brian Eno released Small Craft on a Milk Sea back in November—which means you’re far too late to get + more

Talk about Your Dangling Participles…

For years I’ve labored under the misconception that “hung” really ought not to be used unless you’re speaking of a + more

What th–?!?

If anyone out there can make a persuasive case for this, I’ll buy the first round of drinks at your + more

Pick Up a Book Once in a While

Ben Yagoda has a revealing article over at the Chronicle of Higher Education website, in which he correctly identifies the + more

“Let’s put this year into a full-body scanner and check out its junk…”

The holidays are officially over. But one gift remains to be opened: Dave Barry’s Year in Review. More than Christmas + more

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