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We’re Still Here

Sorry for the radio silence there, folks. I was gallivanting about the west side of our fair state, gathering intelligence + more


A longtime reader sent us this collection of cringe-inducing cover letter excerpts. Most fail at a fundamental level (basic misspelling, + more

Um…You’re Welcome?

An alert reader—and proud Shaw Middle School alum—sent us this photo today. Though we’ve recently talked about cutting folks some + more

Hubble Hubble!

Check out the stems on Miss NASA 1968–69 as she herself ogles an RL10 liquid-fuel cryogenic rocket engine. She’s positively + more

Once Every 32 Years

It finally transpired. Over the years, a number of clients have asked us what happens if we don’t create anything + more

It’ll All Be Over Soon

Leave it to Randall Munroe to put the proliferating presidential prognostications in perspective. (And if that isn’t the awesomest alliteration + more


Starbucks coffee? Meh. At its worst, it tastes like burnt toast; at its best, it tastes like mostly burnt toast. + more

Today’s Lesson

In just four months, Lorri Johnston has quickly proven her worth to AMD, tackling the issues the rest of us are afraid + more

So Whose Is It, Then?

How did I miss this story? A guy on the loose with someone else’s groin in his pants?!? “A suspect + more

A Day in the Life at AMD

I’m often asked whether my job is as glamorous as it sounds. “What’s it really like,” people ask, “to be + more

The Economy’s Worse than We Thought

According to President Obama’s Twitter feed, even the executive branch is having to cut back: RT if you agree: Mitt + more

Urine Luck!

Aching joints? Muscle fatigue? Shortness of breath? With the amazing Urine Wheel™, there’s no more guessing—your diagnosis is completed in + more

No Sleep for You!

With Halloween just around the corner, I got a little excited when I saw a link to “A Highbrow Halloween Reading + more

“Everything has an end; only the sausage has two.”

Feel like you’re geting the rough end of the pineapple? Don’t worry—you may yet land with your bum in the + more

When Life Imitates The Onion®

Posting’s been a little light of late, mostly on accounta we’ve been busier than a blind dog in a meat + more

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