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It Tolls for Thee

My daughter told me a joke the other day: “Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “To.” “To who?” “To whom.” Pretty good, + more

Spokane Scene no. 6

Eager patrons stand in line at the loukoumades truck at the 77th annual Greek Dinner Festival last Friday. Hosted by + more

Immodesty, Thy Name Is Facebook

One more post about Facebook, then I’m done. For reals. Try to watch this without laughing. Go on—I dare + more

With Friends Like These…

I was on Facebook once. It lasted about six months. I made connections with a couple of old high school + more

On Prescriptivists and Descriptivists

Should dictionaries tell you how language should be used? Or should they simply report on language as it’s actually being + more

Friday Frivolity

Is there a better headline than “Buddhist ‘Iron Man’ found by Nazis is from space“? I don’t think so. Monster + more

Quote of the Day

In a letter to his mother, T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) extolled the virtues of a good book: “…if + more

This Week’s “Awww…” Moment

Max came in to visit us today. That is all.

Wanted: Castrati. No Experience Necessary.

Turns out eunuchs live longer than, um…non-eunuchs. Nineteen years, on average. Given that folks seem to have no problem whatsoever + more


In honor of National Punctuation Day today (yay!), The Atlantic gathered some writers to talk about their favorite marks. If I had to choose + more

Still Life with Awesome

It took Homo sapiens 200,000 years, but we’ve finally perfected breakfast: a cup of Cravens coffee and a still-warm flatliner + more

Stop! Grammar Time!

Here’s something that occasionally pops up: Is it into or in to? Into is a preposition that tells the reader + more

9/11 Memorial

This is the most beautifully designed site I have ever seen. A fitting tribute to the 2,983 men, women, and + more

The Glass House

Tucked away in New Canaan, Connecticut, is architect Philip Johnson’s famous Glass House (1949). It and several other buildings—including the + more

Revisiting the Past

In 1995 I arranged for renowned painter and World War II poster artist Bernard Perlin to visit Spokane. His arrival coincided + more

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