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Back to the Woodshed

Jessica Lahey, a middle-school teacher, wrings her hands over the fact that, in our oppressive world, spelling matters. “Ideas should + more


Giant demon mosquitoes, awakened from a deep slumber by Tropical Storm Debbie, are heading toward Florida. And they’re not happy. + more

An Opening-Night Surprise

As most of our readers know by now, helveticka survived the March 1 opening of Spokane Modern Architecture, 1948–1973 at the Northwest Museum + more

Architects in a Building Designed by Architects Viewing an Exhibit on Architects

Last night at the MAC, CK addressed a gathering of members of the Spokane chapter of the American Institute of + more

On the Radio

Okay, fine. We’ll do one more SPOMa post. (Why? Because we can.) Here’s a story about the exhibit from Steve Jackson over + more


Now that everyone’s fully recovered from the celebratory soirée—ashtrays cleaned, empty bottles tossed, farm animals returned to their rightful owners—we can report + more

RIP, Symbol of 20th-Century American Awesomeness

Van Cliburn died yesterday. A reluctant cold warrior, the pianist beat the commies at their own game, winning first place + more

We’re Just Hours Away

Hard to believe that, in just three days, SPOMa will finally be opened to the public. Some folks have been waiting for + more

And…It’s Graphics Time

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Modern architecture exhibit we’re guest curating at the MAC. No? Well, then. You can read + more

Witness Design History

If you thought Modernism was little more than straight lines, mechanized systems, and sterile environments, you’re gonna want to get + more

Time for Some Hardware

Yesterday afternoon, CK Anderson, John Mraz, and the MAC‘s Ryan Hardesty (above) installed the first display shelf and case for + more

Happy Birthday, Nina

It’s the High Priestess of Soul’s birthday today. Nina Simone, the devilishly hard-to-categorize singer, songwriter, and arranger who died in + more

Now for Some Paint

Visitors to the upcoming SPOMa exhibit are in for a special treat: a 40′ x 18′ mural, adapted from a + more

The History of Music, Illustrated

A few millennia of music history boiled down to a seven-minute video? I wouldn’t have thought it possible. But apart + more

Twelve Days and Counting…

There’s more to a museum exhibit than hanging a few pretty pictures on a wall. First, you need some walls. + more

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