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Thanks a lot, Geoff.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A holy day of obligation for attached men; weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth for single women. + more

We’re Worried About This…Why, Exactly?

Yet more evidence that Truman Capote fictionalized parts of In Cold Blood—his celebrated 1966 “nonfiction novel.” But does it really matter? + more

Monday Miscellany: Science Edition!

Smackdown! Montana State University paleontologist Jack Horner and Yale Institute for Biospherics postdoctoral fellow Nick Longrich debate the burning question: “Is Torosaurus a + more

Buzzword Bracketology

Behold! Jargon Madness! After having to live with this steaming load of codswallop for the last 11 years or so, + more

Better Late than Never, Right?

So it’s February 2013 already, and I just realized that I neglected to share my top 10 albums from 2012. + more

Literature as Self-Preservation

What with libraries offering pole-dancing lessons and Amazon giving away books, you’ve got to wonder: is anybody out there, you know…reading? + more

Der Führer Thron

Florence, New Jersey, population 12,109, is home to one of the more unusual artifacts from World War II: Hitler’s toilet. + more

Human Contact? Who Needs It?

In 1978, a helicopter pilot spotted something deep in the Siberian wilderness that shouldn’t have been there: a large garden. + more

Bigger Vocabulary = Bigger Paycheck

Want to succeed in life? An academic at the University of Virginia recommends expanding your vocabulary. But don’t just grab + more

This Week in “Awww…”

Squee! Shetland ponies wearing cardigans made of Shetland wool! (And a video of them getting dressed for their photo shoot.) + more

The Greatest Generation Loses Another One

It’s been nearly a month now, but I can’t let another day go by without acknowledging the great Charles Durning, + more

Going Mobile*

Along with all that re-branding and name-changing and whatnot (you may have heard about it—if not, go here), it seems + more

The ABC of Architects

Since we’re in the middle of developing an exhibit on Spokane’s Mid-Century Modern architecture for our friends at the Northwest + more

Odds & Ends

So. It’s my first time posting on the new site. I think I’m finally ready. Just…please be gentle with me. + more

The Folks Behind helveticka’s Launch Video

Last week we launched our name-change video. Hopefully, you’re among those who saw it—but if you missed it, you can + more

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