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Stop! Grammar Time!

Remember articles? They’re basically adjectives, which means they modify nouns. English has only three articles—a, an, and the. The first two + more

Poetry Break

LET CITIES SUBSIDE TO THEIR NAMES Osip Mandelstam Let cities subside to their names, Brief meanings that flare in the + more


I’ve not touched on music for a while, mostly because my survey of the best of 2014—which, let’s be honest, was a tour + more

So Long, Cheddar Chad

A decade ago I worked at a downtown Spokane ad agency whose culture was, shall we say, unforgiving. Not a day passed + more

Quote of the Day

“There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art + more

Miscellany Redux

More odds and ends today, but this time from the worlds of art, architecture, and poetry. So, you know…no Bigfoot. + more


Does a spectral being roam the halls of Pocatello High School? Why yes—yes, it does. “Real Estate Drone Spots Bigfoot, + more

Changing Minds, One Person at a Time

It turns out that carefully planned, creatively developed, and strategically executed image campaigns actually work. Who’d a-thunk it? (Why, yes—that’s helveticka’s handiwork + more

Word of the Day

ukase (noun) An authoritative order or decree; an edict. Incensed at the lack of deference paid him by the firm’s proles, CK + more

The Retro Look Never Gets Old

When Pressworks asked us to help them with their letterpress promotion, we were delighted. For years, I’ve been wanting to + more

For Type Geeks Only

Hey, it turns out that Helvetica isn’t the only font with an interesting story. (Who knew?) The New York Public + more

What the world needs now…

…is English, sweet English. Forget Mandarin Chinese. From “the unwritten tongue of Iron Age tribes in Denmark” two thousand years + more

And…we’re back.

Happy 2015, everyone. Let’s get right down to business, shall we? From a review of The Selected Letters of Willa + more

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