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Today in History

Lord Byron to Lady Melbourne, September 25, 1812: As to Annabella [Milbanke, his future wife] she requires time and all + more

Quote of the Day

“Writing should always be exploratory. There shouldn’t be the assumption that you know ahead of time what you want to + more

The Death of Criticism?

The other day I said some disparaging things about The Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird—something about + more

Goodbye, Mr. Rogers

This past weekend I read about the passing of Jack C. Rogers. He was a design instructor when I attended + more

Sounds About Right

“I miss the English,” says Martin Amis from his home in Manhattan. “I miss Londoners. I miss the wit.” So + more

Monday Miscellany

So, basically, Pow! was Brian Epstein. Or George Martin. Or Pete Best. Or Stuart Sutcliffe… “Playful urination practices—from seeing how + more

Who Painted the First Abstract Painting?

In a 1935 letter to his New York gallerist, Wassily Kandinsky made a bold claim: “Indeed,” he wrote of a + more

Thanks for Clearing the Air for Me

On Sunday, September 3, the missus and I pointed our trusty Subaru southeast toward Greeley, Colorado for a week-long series + more


Someone has finally deciphered the Voynich manuscript! Or…has he? “Long ago, in the ancient city of Cyrene, there was a herb + more

Free will or fait accompli?

Whether buying a house or auditioning potential mates, Goethe has some advice for you: “Choose well. Your choice is brief + more

On Location in Greeley, Colorado

Echo is on display at the University of Northern Colorado’s Mariana Gallery—and it’s pretty amazing. Artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards covered the + more

Walter Becker, RIP

I returned from a camping trip this weekend to learn of Walter Becker’s untimely death. For a certain kind of + more

Miscellany: Special Curmudgeonly Edition!

When Skooch told me about this, I didn’t believe him. Nobody, I said, is that dumb—nobody. Turns out I grossly + more

“One Last Time over Georgia”

Georgia is apparently one of the least-restrictive countries when it comes to drone photography. But that’s all changing a week + more

We’re Huge in the UK

Clearly, the good folks over at the Guardian read this blog. I mean, how else would you explain this, published + more

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