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Yes! I’m a Victim!

A study published nearly 20 years ago found that attractive children and adults were not only judged more positively than + more

How Much Radiation Is Too Much?

When I was a kid, my stepdad kept a spinthariscope in his sock drawer.* And every once in a while + more


Sorry, but there’s no such thing as a photographic memory, you can’t learn while you sleep, and multi-tasking is impossible. + more

Fat Tuesday

After studying several instances of what we now call “spontaneous human combustion,” French agronomist Pierre-Aimé Lair (1769-1853) discovered that most + more

Some Reading for the Long Weekend

I’m out early tomorrow, so here’s an assignment and a recommendation, in that order: Caitrin Keiper’s “Do Elephants Have Souls?” + more

Turns Out Technology Isn’t All Bad

Remember that post I wrote three years ago about Irv Teibel and his Environments records? Of course you do. As + more

Poetry Break

from THE MOWER Philip Larkin The first day after a death, the new absence Is always the same; we should + more


“A great civilization is not conquered from without,” wrote Will and Ariel Durant in Caesar and Christ, the third of + more

Bonus Post!

I don’t normally post on Wednesdays.* But today’s special. First, there’s, um…this. Celebrate accordingly. It’s also Keith Jarrett’s birthday. One + more

Everything you thought you knew is a lie. Or not.

Did you know that Theodor Geisel took his pen name – Dr. Seuss – from his mother’s maiden name? Neither + more

Monday: Miscellany

For Deadheads only: Robert Hunter, The Giant’s Harp, and a Terrapin multiverse? Just because: A stacked bar chart of the + more

Yes, Please!!!

“We are, all of us, office babies,” writes Madeleine Aggeler, “and exclamation points are the written equivalent of child-proof bumper + more

All That Jazz

AI-generated jazz? It’s apparently a thing now: DeepJazz is a 2016 project by Princeton computer science student Ji-Sung Kim that spews + more

Quote of the Day

This is for all you graphic designers out there. Truman Capote, in a 1968 Playboy interview: “I’ve never known anybody altogether + more


Good news for all you minions of Mephistopheles (Beelzebub believers? Lucifer lovers? Beasts of Baphomet?): The IRS has granted tax-exempt + more

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