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A Warm Welcome to Our (Sometimes) Chilly City

After several weeks of searching, we’ve found a designer we’ve been looking for – one with talent, experience, attention to detail, and a collaborative spirit. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our new senior designer, Aaron Robertson.

Aaron hails from San Diego, where he led the web and graphic design team at a publishing house for the last several years. His family searched the entire Pacific Northwest for a place that offers the quality of life they wanted. Even without connections to Spokane, they chose to settle here in our backyard (which should be big enough for all ten of his family’s pets).

San Diego, of course, is known for its consistently pleasant temperatures year-round. Spokane…not so much. But we expect that Aaron will soon own a parka, snow boots, and a closet full of flannels. In the meantime, we extend to him a very warm welcome to Spokane and to helveticka.

Aaron, we’re thrilled to have you on our team.




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