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How to Impress an 18-Year-Old

A week ago, our oldest daughter graduated from high school. The following Sunday, this milestone was celebrated with family, friends, + more

50 Welcome Signs from 50 States

  This is fun. But a word about Oklahoma’s tagline, if I may: Are you frickin’ kidding me??? It has + more

An International Perspective

If you want to be inspired by design—or simply amused by it—check out It’s a great opportunity to visit, + more

On Business Cards

  Greg Beato over at The Smart Set offers up a brief homage to the lowly business card. “Tweets fade + more

New Logo, Website Launched

Integrus Architecture launched its new website and brand identity today—both of which were created by the brilliant minds at AMD. + more

Print Is Dead! (Or…is it?)

All of us in the design profession have heard about the eventual, slow death of print. It began in earnest + more

Fonts and Money

Recently, our very own Spokesman-Review ran an AP article on how fonts can actually save you money. Yes, it’s true. + more

On Spec Work

The best description we’ve ever come across about the bane that is spec work, from Jeffrey Zeldman: “Spec = asking + more

I ♥ Milton Glaser

I’m a huge fan of Milton Glaser, one of America’s most influential designers. Now 81 years of age, Glaser continues + more

From My Perspective

As I go about my day, working on design files, sorting through numerous emails, answering technical support questions, talking on + more

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