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On Location in Greeley, Colorado

Echo is on display at the University of Northern Colorado’s Mariana Gallery—and it’s pretty amazing. Artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards covered the + more

Walter Becker, RIP

I returned from a camping trip this weekend to learn of Walter Becker’s untimely death. For a certain kind of + more

Miscellany: Special Curmudgeonly Edition!

When Skooch told me about this, I didn’t believe him. Nobody, I said, is that dumb—nobody. Turns out I grossly + more

“One Last Time over Georgia”

Georgia is apparently one of the least-restrictive countries when it comes to drone photography. But that’s all changing a week + more

We’re Huge in the UK

Clearly, the good folks over at the Guardian read this blog. I mean, how else would you explain this, published + more

New Music

Went hiking last week with a couple of old friends. And, as middle-aged guys are wont to do, we spent some + more


It’s been a long week. A tough one, if I can be honest. So rather than hit you over the + more

Mid-Week Break

Thanks to a drier than normal summer, the huckleberries weren’t nearly as big—nor as plentiful—as in years past. And for + more

I Give Up

Even as 2017 seems hell-bent on making 2016 look positively sane by comparison—no mean feat, that—a story like this gives me + more

Happy Monday…

For no reason whatsoever, here are some random bits of completely useless trivia. Feel free to astound your friends with + more

Not All Progress Is Good

Jean M. Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University, has been analyzing generational data going back to the + more

OMG That Cake is SRSLY Mondrian.

A pattern of vertical and horizontal black lines. Primary colors. Straight-sided geometric shapes. Asymmetric balance. Simple enough composition, yet in + more

I’ll Be Brief

Ah brevity, the silver stag we chase through the woods; the tightrope we walk between too much and too little. + more

Skooch’s Movie Pick of the Week

Just like in Seinfeld, I’m going to provide you with a movie pick of the week ­– but with a + more

Those Stuffy Museums

It’s always interesting to visit museums, especially when traveling to a city you’re experiencing for the first time. On a + more

Monday Musings

I came across the following Latin phrase in my weekend reading: esse quam videri. Loosely translated, it means “to be + more

Speaking of Boxing

­Around here, we do words as well as we can. And sometimes we do them pretty well, though we try + more


Why anyone would need “Ten Ways to Organize Your Bookshelf” is beyond me, since there is only one correct way to + more

This Year’s Vacation Rocked

One of the side benefits of this job (apart from the piles of cash and the constant attention from the + more

On Dominance and Submission

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I recently returned from an epic road trip that took the missus and me + more

On the Road

Just got back from a two-week vacation—a rambling road trip covering more than 5,300 miles across a dozen states, mostly + more

Another Dose of Nostalgia

Last week (6.26), Courtney shared with us this link, taking us to a world that many have forgotten. This week, I’ll + more

Things I Saw Downtown, Walking On My Lunch Break

Beside the meter ­the lady fishes for her keys, legs painted Pantone 163.   Within the underpass, city sleepers spoon + more

Monday Monsters

While enjoying my coffee this morning I found this and it made me smile. And then it made me sentimental + more

The Sad State of Musical Criticism in 2017

Remember how last week I alerted you to Kalefa Sanneh’s New Yorker article on progressive rock? Now Forbes is getting in on + more


Stephen Phelan on the world’s deadliest motorcycle race: On the first lap, rider No. 63, Jochem van den Hoek, rocketed + more

Prog is dead. Long live prog!

The subtitle of Kelefa Sanneh’s New Yorker article on progressive rock reads “Critics think that the genre was an embarrassing dead end. So + more

Seinfeld 2020: Make America Aloof Again

I am not a hugger. It’s not just because I’m an introvert, though I’m sure that has something to do + more

Quote of the Day

“Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your + more

Spokane Scene no. 25

Knothead Loop is a seven-mile hike that rewards you with Indian petroglyphs, gorgeous views, and plenty of wildlife—and it’s only a half-hour drive from downtown + more

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