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Turning Creativity Into a Meaningful Career

What sparks creative passion? It could be something as simple as a Polaroid camera. That’s what first inspired Antoni Carlson, our 2022 Helveticahaus scholarship winner. As a kid, he got an old-school instant camera, and it went everywhere with him.

“I was always taking pictures with it,” says Antoni. “I’ve done photography my whole life.”

These days, his creative passion extends to graphic design too. And he’s building a future career on it.

The spark was different for Shirlee, one of our senior designers. Her creativity was ignited by an art exhibit that featured a series of Clint Eastwood posters.

“I went because I love Clint Eastwood,” she says. “But the poster designs were so cool. That’s when I discovered graphic design and realized I could make a career out of creativity.” (You might even say those posters were the good, the bad, and the ugly start of a 26-year career in graphic design.)

But it takes more than a spark for creativity to grow into a meaningful career. It requires fuel too. And that’s why CK and Linda started Helveticahaus in 2015.

Through the sale of merchandise inspired by Helvetica – arguably the most famous typeface in the world and our company namesake – Helveticahaus has been able to award a total of $11,500 in scholarships to 17 students. One hundred percent of the profits financially support students who are earning graphic design degrees at Spokane Falls Community College.

You can help us fuel the next generation of designers.

And you might as well pick up some cool merch while you’re at it.

Visit Helveticahaus to shop or learn more.

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