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Goodbye, Mr. Rogers

This past weekend I read about the passing of Jack C. Rogers. He was a design instructor when I attended + more

Basic Principals

After being out of college for more than five years, I have homework. Homework. Thankfully it’s fun, interesting, and awesome homework. + more

OMG That Cake is SRSLY Mondrian.

A pattern of vertical and horizontal black lines. Primary colors. Straight-sided geometric shapes. Asymmetric balance. Simple enough composition, yet in + more


When it comes to focus areas, designers have a lot of choices: layout, typography, web design, and more. Some are + more

Look Left, Then Look Right

When you find something this cool on the internet, you share it. 1. Click on this link 2. Pick a video + more

Where It All Began

My first professional job, a part-time gig around 1980, was with a local design firm called Spilker Baker & Associates. + more

So, You’re Thinking of Choosing a Font…

This is a big moment for you. For a long time, you’ve stood in the margins, watching friends and coworkers + more

Happy Hunting!

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and proclaim that this could very well be the coolest public sculpture project ever: + more

Discovery Rocks Art World

Rummaging through some boxes in helveticka’s archives recently, I found this painting in an unmarked folder containing back issues of High Times and old Taco + more

Great Shirts Think Alike

Thanks to Isabel Heisler for the invitation to speak yesterday at my alma mater, Spokane Falls Community College. Originally from + more

Wait. What?

Last week, Vincent Connare, the typographer who unleashed Comic Sans on an unsuspecting world, confessed his sins in an interview over + more

Mr. AZ / 5 of 5

Today, helveticka co-founder and part-time contributor John Richard Mraz turns 70! In celebration of this special occasion, we’ve been paying + more

Mr. AZ / 4 of 5

Keeping with this week’s theme about John Richard Mraz (who celebrates his seventieth birthday tomorrow), I would be remiss if + more

Mr. AZ / 3 of 5

We first met at Spokane Falls Community College when John Richard Mraz was a part-time faculty member in the design + more

Mr. AZ / 2 of 5

Upon receiving valedictorian honors from Colton High, John Richard Mraz—the second oldest of Norm and Virginia’s five children—enrolled in Washington + more

Mr. AZ / 1 of 5

This week on the blog, we’re paying tribute to helveticka co-founder John Richard Mraz, who celebrates a special birthday this Friday. + more

“Hello darkness, my old friend…”

“The sounds of the office are essentially sounds of paper and machines. Here are some of them, in a rough + more

Proof of Purchase

Last weekend I ran across a receipt that tells a bit of a story from my days as a design student + more

It’s Almost Like Magic

Here’s how an idea for an illustration begins. After copy is written, a super-quick chicken-scratch is created on literally any + more

MAGIC! (cue the glitter + jazz hands)

Kickstarter for the win with a whimsical display of personality and functionality. It’s pretty amazing what happens when a brand + more


Back in 2002, I stumbled into what, at the time, seemed like a ridiculously easy career: proofreading at an advertising agency. + more

Funny Business

From the very first time I read the Journal of Business, I’ve looked forward to seeing the handiwork of local + more

Putting the “Pro” in Pro Bono Publico

Our Helveticahaus friend and cheerful supporter, Craig Sweat, recently helped us out on our fall apparel photoshoot. Along with his assistant Chris + more

Starbucks Famous

We love Starbucks. Their branding, packaging, store, merchandise, and hell, we even love their commercials. We. Love. Starbucks. We also + more

But Wait—There’s More

I recently wrote about visiting the Herb Lubalin Study Center of Design and Typography at NYC’s Cooper Union. But what I didn’t + more

Snobbery Alert!

So this article calls Midcentury Modern design “the pumpkin spice latte of the design world.” There’s a lot wrong with that comparison. + more

“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Is a robot gunning for your job? If you’re a telemarketer, it’s already happening. And if you’re a bank teller, + more

Herb from Coast to Coast

A few weeks ago we changed out our office display case content to feature one of the best graphic designers + more

Stuart, meet Harold. Harold, meet Stuart.

On a recent visit to the new and wonderful Whitney Museum in downtown Manhattan, we came across an exhibit of the works of the + more


This is the coolest thing you’ll watch all day. Heck, I’ll wager it’s the coolest thing you’ll watch all month. + more

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