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This Post for Geeks Only

There’s a certain segment of the population—you know who you are—that will positively swoon at the following sentence: Cthulhu Chick + more

Monday Miscellany: Travel Edition

There are times when the beauty of this region is, quite simply, breathtaking. This weekend was one of those times. + more

America’s Greatest Word?

Allan Metcalf makes a persuasive case for “OK”—a word my great-grandmother forbade.

Aaron Write Good

What began ten years ago as a low-paying gig writing snarky music reviews for an “alternative” weekly has led to + more

Like, Wow.

Over at City Journal, Clark Whelton, a former speechwriter for Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani, tracks the decline and fall + more

This Is NOT about Late-Night Barhopping. Or Laundry.

And now, I present a brief tutorial on scoring and folding, compliments of Kit Hinrichs.

Get the Funk Out

What with published authors arguing that stricter copyright laws are needed to produce another Shakespeare, Democratic lawmakers on the lam, + more

Calculated Madness

Reading Garry Kasparov’s review of a new book about Bobby Fischer, I was reminded of William Hartston’s observation that “chess + more

A Vigorous Defense of Prescriptivism

One of my favorite magazines talks about one of my favorite reference books. Here’s the money quote: You don’t open + more

Back to the Future

This is an interesting project: Argentinean photographer Irina Werning “re-enacts” old photos—sometimes decades later—by placing their subjects in similar clothing, + more

Monday Miscellany

Today is the feast day of Maron of Syria. What that has to do with chocolates and flowers and revolting + more

A Word on Punctuation

The aim of proper punctuation is not just to blindly hew to a set of inflexible rules; it’s to clarify. + more

Mediocrity Pays—a great resource, by the way, particularly for hard-to-find titles—just revealed its top 10 most expensive sales for January 2011. + more

Say Goodbye to Workplace Productivity…

Duke University has opened up its digital archive of vintage television ads. There are thousands of ’em, and they’re available + more

Monday Miscellany

Like a bajillion or so other folks, I watched the Super Bowl yesterday, tuning in just in time to witness + more

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